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  1. First time rolling a spliff and I was just wondering about what ratio should I put for weed: tobacco?

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  2. How you see fit!!! If you're rolling it in a blunt paper, I recommend very little tobacco, the paper itself is made from tobacco and I tried 50/50 weed and tobacco with it, it'd be overwhelming tobacco. I'd try like 25 tobacco / 75 weed or less on tobacco.

    if you're rolling a joint paper, try 50/50 and see how that works and work your way down or up. It's all about personal taste. I prefer weed, so I don't even like tobacco in the mix. I feel tobacco almost ruins the weed high.
  3. Just enough to smooth it out. Btw, you should be using whole leaf tobacco.
  4. What it really depends on is if you are a tobacco smoker or not. If you're not, the tobacco will hit you pretty hard, especially cuz there is no filter. I did a kief spliff once, and I'm pretty sure the tobacco got me way higher than the kief. And I'm a smoker. Anyways, maybe do 25% tobacco tops.

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