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  1. I have observed that one of my plants was growing slow and had white spots on its leaf. I decided to take a closer look and I found 20-30 spider mites and eggs.

    Now from my reading I have realized spider mites is one hell of an issue. I currently have 4 plants, one of them which is flowering. I have not found any spider mites on my other plants so I'm thinking I would be better of throwing the infected one in the trashbag to not risk it spreading to my whole growing place.

    What is your best advice? Is it worth trying to save it? And if so, what is the optimal method which won't damage the buds?

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  2. ending a plants life for spider mite damage is very drastic imo but there your plants thats upto you good luck :)
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  3. Today. Live ladybugs.
    Then...maybe something organic/systemic if there's such a product to add at this stage.,
  4. I think that you should make your decision based on the assumption that all four plants are infested.
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  5. Well I have checked the rest of the plants with a magnifying glass and I couldn't find a single mite.
  6. a product containing Spinosad will get rid of mites,and other pests as well,its organic ,,,,mac,
  7. Haha my paranoia took over and I ended up throwing it. Since I couldn't find mites on the other plants I decided better safe then sorry.

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