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  1. i know some spiders can be parasites, but im not sure which ones. there was a spider hannging out with my plant. i killed it just to make sure nothing happened. if it happens again, sould i leave it? i wouldnt think it could be harmful, but i just dont know.
  2. How big was it?

    Spider mites are tiny little things and will cause all kinds of big problems. Bigger spiders will eat the little guys, and generally leave the plant alone for the most part. Don't forget that you have all kinds of little guys in the soil eating at the roots since its outdoor plant.

    If you are really paranoid about it, buy a natural pesticide for your plants.
  3. Don´t kill spiders, ever. They are carnivores, they are lurking in your plants to catch and eat insects, including many that are pests. They are good guys on your side.

    They are nothing whatever to do with spider mites, that ARE harmful insect pests, too small to be seen with the naked eye.
  4. I had one and i killed it. What if they web up your plants like the one did mine jus remove them and go about your bussiness?
  5. The web is harmless to your plant, and is how the spider traps the insects that are eating your plant. Don´t kill them.
  6. ive herd that webs can be good for your plans because they cath incests that are trying to get to your plant and the web catches them
  7. Thought I just said that.

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