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  1. Any ways in which to deter them.ive had to kill two in the last 3weeks ive found on my bedroom ceiling.

    Im not really scared of them, but these ines were pretty big lol
    We don't have spiders here that can cause you harm, but the thought of anymore dangling above my head as I sleep is giving me cause for concern

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  2. If you sleep with your mouth open you can solve your problem and get a good source of protein!

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  3. I've been getting a lot big black ones in my house lately as well. Peppermint, lemon zest, cinnamon, and citronella are all great scents to drive spiders away. Also keep your house tidy and free of webs, and I'd recommend a dehumidifier if it gets serious. They like dark and moist places to hide and build their webs.
  4. Cheers mate I'll try that. May get a plug in freshner with that scent.

    Our house is spotless, my mum is a cleaning freak haha
    Guess they are coming inside as it's getting cold outside. Don't help my mum has all the bloody windows open during day :(
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    I just catch them in a cup, and put them outside.
    They rarely hurt anyone, unless you squeeze them. 
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    Call an exterminator if there is a huge problem. Kill the spiders by killing the food source.
  9. Just make sure when you kill them, you kill them. I've had so many times where I see them in my room and either on the ceiling or on the side wall where my bed is and when I try to kill them, I miss and the fuckers drop down to where I can't get them. The next morning I always have a bite on my body, I swear those son's of bitches know when you try to kill them and then they get their revenge when your sleeping. 

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