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  1. This morning when I was watering I noticed a small yellow spider. Is it one of the good bugs? I haven't noticed any more white specks moving around anymore so I am taking it as a good bug. Any information or comments would be appreciated.

  2. If it's a regular house spider, it's a good spider. It will keep those gnats in check.
  3. There is no such a thing as a good bug, spray 1x time per month with Neem Oil, to prevent moments like these, tho not so close to harvest, as is an acquired taste
  4. I'm going to have to side with west coast on this one. As long as the spider doesn't start spinning web all over you plant leave it be. I never treat for a problem that doesn't exist. I.E. no bugs, no pesticides...
  5. Actualy he`s half right. Some bugs can carry plant diseases but then there are also benefical bugs and spiders. There are predatorial spider mites that feed on other spider mites but not on plants, then there are lady bugs who`s primary diet is aphids not as effective as a lot of people think for spider mites out doors, then theres praying mantis which feed on just about any bug they can eat like some beetles that like to feed on plants and many others. Wasps love to eat bud worms and other types of worms like California Oak worms, so if you see a bunch of wasps buzzing around your plants on a regular basis its a good sign your plants have some type of worm they like to feed on.
  6. small yellow spider could well be spider mite as they spin webs after some time in the grow room
  7. That's what I`m dealing with right now on a few of our outdoor plants. But to see spider mites you need either a 30X pocket microscope or jewelers loupe. If he saw it with the naked eye then its not spider mites.
    spider mites are small, but indoors with a hps light on, good eye sight, you should be able to see them, as I spotted them on my indoor plants a few years back
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    Spider mites can be seen with naked eye, just only as white dots...not as an actual insect.

    But it is a moot point Imo, as the white dots on top of the leaves are the first sign of a SM infestation.
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    if wiredston3r has seen any web with small spider like insect (agree thay look more like white dots than spiders)
    and he/she thinks they ok, just needs to rule out a SM infestation
  11. Either way spider mites still suck. If you guys can see them with the naked eye then you deffintely got better eye sight then I do, mine used to be good but as you get older it goes down hill.
  12. I haven't seen any more bugs around my plant.
  13. What is good for getting rid of them?
  14. That's dust ......

    Spider mites will be on the underside of the leaves. Least till in flower when they build webs over top the trichs, and live in those. They dont like the trichomes ive noticed.

    The white spots you'd see in a infestation, are from them scraping off the skin and flesh off the leaf underside.
  15. i routinely spray my girls with dawn soap solution
  16. If your grow is indoor, gently place the spider outside.  If its outdoor you've got bigger fish to fry, let it be until you see webs.  Then relocate if you do.
  17. It rained and now I have 3 new bugs. Here is a pic. If anybody knows what they are can you tell me. Thanks
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