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  1. they have some type of safe chemicals u can put in and around the soil to get raid of them .
    Go to any local gardening shop and tell them u have some tomatoes growing outside and there is lots of spiders around whats something safe to use to kill them off without hurting my plant .
    Had the same issue few months back , my local shop gave me something for like $15 and I was good to go .
  2. Ah so are they are a bad thing, lame. I thought theyd be helpful by eating insects that would wanna eat my plant.

  3. im not totally sure they r bad or good , but in general i dont think u want insects laying their eggs shit piss on ur plants ? LOL
    and spiders they gonna make webs. i
  4. They are not bad at all bro. Don't sweat it unless they are poisonous. Obviously you don't want a black widow or brown recluse in there but regular spiders are awesome for the garden. They eat all the bugs that will actually do damage to the plant. The only thing a spider will do is build a web to catch those other bugs do you live where there's poisonous spiders? I had one in one of my plants. It was super smart and super fast. Every time I moved it was smart enough to move to the other side of the stem. I'd go to the other side it would move again. Smart little fucker. Black and hairy. They scare the shit out if me. But they are not bad for your garden
  5. That's what i thought too. thanks. I live in North Texas so there may be some poisonous spiders but im not too worried about them gettin me lol.

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