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  1. I know how you feel theres a bunch of spiders in my house. IMO tissue boxes are the best for killing bugs. Good luck warrior.
  2. My house is crawling with crickets, they seriously skeeve me out
  3. helll yeah fuck spiders! I know a buddy who also woke up with a spider on his face, FUCK THAT.

    I was sittin at my desk tho smokin and I heard this big wolf spider crawl across my wall and behind my poster which is behind my bed and i'm like OH GREAT. so I get the raid n blst that bitch (mind you this spider is about the size of my hand lol), it fell on the floor then I got the shoe and lights out. Of course it took like 3 hits. FUCK SPIDERS.
  4. I love spiders I plan on getting a tarantula soon they are beautiful spiders.
  5. pathetic how people dont understand what is, and what isnt an insect.
  6. Yeah, I don't like spiders at all.

    I'll freak the fuck out if one is close to me. Eeeek.


  7. my garage is literally infested with crickets. not grasshoppers, the little ones that make a ton of noise, these are crickets. they scare me every time they hop up into the air near me. also, on another note, I've figured out that they eat their dead. every time i've killed one, I've left it there, only to find a missing cricket corpse the next day. creepy shit.
  8. Just wondering, you in the uk? Ain't heard anyone out of here say zoot before :p
  9. it's time to turn the table on the eight legged freaks of nature...time they pay!!!!

  10. dude!!
    Don't fall asleep with the door open...this poor guy did....

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