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  1. This is a fucking pointless story but i may as well share my current situation
    I've found 3 fucking spiders in my room tonight, i came home high as fuck and got into bed and looked up like an instinct and saw this beast on the ceiling, i hate spiders so i was freaking out trying to figure out a way of killing it, being able to find the remains to ensure it is dead and making sure it doesn't fall onto my face, so i grab a dumbell and take the weights off and jab it with the pole, theres a black dot on the ceiling so its definitely leaking, i cant find its fucking body though so it probably fell behind and now under my bed

    Spider 2, only small but black and i could literally hear it when it ran, tried the pole thing again but it got away

    now i was just skinning a joint, its like 1.30 and im so fucking tired but im trying to finish work, i see yet another only this time i thought it was a daddy long legs which doesn't bother me so im quite chill about it, i go to my window and spark my J and cause my bedroom lights on i can see the wall quite clearly, i realize its not a daddy long legs its like fucking aragog
    Its sprinting down the wall towards my bed so i drop my zoot and run to my desk grab joe pistones biography and launch it at it, its definitely dead, its spidey corpse is covered up via a towel, i don't want to look at it right now, maybe tomorrow... at the moment im still looking behind my shoulder like a crack head every 7 seconds , surely theres more of them in here i just dont understand how, the fuck
  2. Pathetic how some people feel that need to kill an insect .
  3. I think it's time to just burn the house down.
  4. [quote name='"ThatDank18"']Pathetic how some people feel that need to kill an insect .[/quote]

    I don't kill most insects, I'll bring them outside, but I've seen several black widows in the past year since moving to the south. There's not a chance I'm letting that thing live even if its outside.
  5. Spiders freak me out too man
  6. ...did it look lie this?

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  7. I'll kill any spiders that look like they might bite, and mosquitoes. Fuck mosquitoes.

    Everything else, I'll take outside.

    Oh, and when there's a wasp nest on the porch, you can bet your ass I'm going to kill those fuckers rather than just let them take over my porch for the rest of the summer.
  8. It's a pretty irrational fear.

  9. It totally is, but I can't help it no matter how hard I try.

    If there is a spider on me, it's like "fight or flight" jumps right into "HOLY SHIT FLIGHT" before I can even think "hold on, it's just a fucking spider". :p

    Little harmless spiders I can kind of deal with okay as long as they aren't anywhere near me or on me. But big, hairy, nasty ones... uuugghhh, I get all itchy and paranoid just thinking about it.
  10. [quote name='"KiefCoveredLips"']It's a pretty irrational fear.[/quote]

    Eh, my brother got bit by presumably a brown recluse and didn't go to the hospital for like a month. It was on the leg and he couldn't walk when he went. He had a massive infection (about the size of a half dollar) on his leg and he ended up getting a very strong medication (damn you GC rules) for the pain. My fear is not totally irrational.
  11. If there is a spider in my house it's going down...mother fucker is not crawling into my mouth (yes it happens)
  12. your ment to eat 8 in a life time, i swear if i went straight to sleep when i got home i would of swallowed half of that tonight *shudders*

  13. The rumor was originally "8 spiders a year", but that was actually a myth put forth by someone who was trying to prove how gullible people are.

    Spider Myths: Gulp! actually says;

    There's also this;

    So you can sleep just a little more soundly now. :p
  14. [quote name='"ThatDank18"']Pathetic how some people feel that need to kill an insect .[/quote]

    Too bad spider's aren't insects.
  15. I know a kid that woke up with a spider in his mouth he screamed and spat it out lol i suppose swallowing one would be difficult but even having that shit in my mouth disgusts me

  16. Now come on, I go through all this work to make you feel better and you go and just freak me out again. How ungrateful!

  17. Yea i fucking hate spiders.
    Any time i see one in my house i will feel like they are everywhere till the next morning.

    I mean they really could be ANYWHERE! its scary..

  18. They say you're only ever a few feet away from a spider at any given moment. Sometimes I hear "10 feet" sometimes "6 feet". I don't know how true it is, but it wouldn't surprise me. :p

    I know from experience that there's probably a few under the couch I'm sitting on right now. I used to reach under the couch to try to grab things from time to time, until I realized that there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS at least one spider under there. :hide:
  19. Fuck a spider. I say kill em all if they're in your house. We are predators, and they came on to our territory. If we didn't kill it, something else would have. We're not upsetting the balance of nature or the universe by killing spiders, they multiply like fucking crazy. Survival of the fittest. The fittest spiders being the ones I can't see or in my attic/under my house. The unfit ones being the ones chilling in the middle of the floor waiting to be squashed. Therefore freeing up more food for the fit.

    That's how I see it anyways.
  20. Whoa , I woulda been flipping shit. Fuckin hate spiders. Anything with more than 4 legs needs to die.

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