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  1. Fuck i dont even know why i feel this way i know there harmless, when i smoked a bowl out of my glass pipe before i ran into a spider larger that a quarter in my room and it got away, for the most part im fine with insects etc but im freaked out it sucks, anyone else dread running into spiders and them getting away?
  2. Still better than tigers in your garage.

    That didnt happen to me, it was my teacher.
  3. agreed lol, i dont know why i cant get this out of my head it sucks
  4. fucking hate spiders, my friend had a tarantula, it died so he kept it in this glass box.
    Around 5 years down the line its head had eroded, all that remained was a hairy spidey corpse. So im about 8 years old and round his house to play halo or some other shit that was cool at the time and long story short he threw the fucking spider at me, well he threw a couple of legs but still, scared the shit out of me, don't think his mum was too happy when she found random tarantula legs on the floor the next day
  5. I can relate, if it was a rat.... Fuck I would defiantly freak out, leave my house no matter what.
  6. i think im going to blaze hope i dont get a panic attack or run into it
  7. I hate all bugs. I don't know what I'm going to do when I live alone. I'd probably campout in another room and call someone over to kill it.
  8. i would legit pay 20$ to have it known that its dead and thanks everyone for the responses
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    ^^Oh god D:
  10. [quote name='"m18"']

    i would legit pay 20$ to have it known that its dead and thanks everyone for the responses[/quote]

    Lol payy?? How about a hug and we celebrate by packing a bowl? Sounds better.
  11. Ill take the hug and bowl!
  12. [quote name='"m18"']
    Ill take the hug and bowl![/quote]

    Good choice ;)
  13. OMG if I lived in Australia I would have to get an assault rifle just to deal with spiders.

    Fuckin HATE spiders. I see a little one in my room and I freak the fuck out. Nothing worse than spiders, I dunno why, they just really bother me. Freak me out.
  14. What should i pack; a bowl of blue cheese or lemon kush :D
  15. Spiders are awesome, I have a rise hair tarantula in my room! I have had her for years and find them fascinating as hell! It's great fun to sit back toke a couple bong hits and hold her watching her legs independently move! It's trippy, and here's a random fact most people could go without knowing, but the average human being while sleeping swallows 10 spiders in their lifetime! Look it up if you don't believe me! Ever wake up with that real nasty taste in your mouth! That's the protein residue from your midnight snack!!!! Lmao when I read this I could do nothing but laugh as know most people are freaked out by arachnids, hehe sweet dreams ALL
  16. Random fact!!! The average human while sleeping swallows ten spiders in their lifetime!!! Lmao sweet dreams kiddos!
  17. Thanks man :), doesn't bother me much, and i dont understand why im scared of them to begin with wish i could just get over it
  18. It's only the poisonous spiders I'm afraid of.
  19. Here is a wolf spider on the deck of my cottage in Illinois.

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