spiders on drugs, lol seriously check out the TCH spider...

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHzdsFiBbFc

  2. Crack spiders are a issue
  3. My hot science teacher showed us this like 7 years back or so. Memories.
  4. A hammock...        lmao
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    Lmfao crack spider did a homocide
  6. Webs are for suckas

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  7. Seriously? The restraining order made me bust out laughing. Shit was hilarious.

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  8. Lmao. That hammok part.
  9. Only in Canada.
  10. old but funny, i like this one too
  11. I laughed so hard I cried !!
  12. Is this based on true story???

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  13. I cried so hard I laughed..

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  14. the hoser -
  15. I saw unmentionables bring a spider back from the dead for like 15 seconds one time no fuckin joke, zombie spider...
  16. I know this was already posted but it was still hilarious seeing it again.  "building webs is for suckas"
  17. This reminded me of the scene from scarface at the end where tony sticks his head in the mountain of coke lol.
  18. I love Sicarius spiders!  (extremely dangerous, they're the true origin of those supposed "recluse bites")
      They are so unique and cool looking!

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