Spiders, not spider-mites, Spiders, THOUSANDS!!!

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    Okay, so as I was looking at my root growth (clear 40+gallon container) and I noticed, eggs, thousands, EVERYWHERE, in the very bottom of my soil. I dont think they are spider mites because I read that they lay their eggs on the leaves.

    What do I need to flush my plants with the kill these fuckers, that won't kill my beautiful babies :(? I dont want them all to hatch :eek:

    By the way, im growing in my attic.
  2. are they actual mites you're seeing or just the eggs? are you growing in MG?
  3. I'm seeing tonnnns of eggs on the very bottom, and yes I'm seeing small mites/spiders crawling around by them. Every once in a while or when i move around the soil a bit i will see a normal sized spider on the surface of the soil.

    Yes, MG moisture control.
  4. are regular spiders bad because there webs could benifit you in keeping more bugs off but idk
  5. proboblay spider mites dude. go get some ortho total kill for lawn and garden and vegetables. if your in the veg stage still. i would get some insecticide make sure its for garden. kill those fuckers or they will kill your plants. trust me you need a good insecticide go to the store only way to control them and kill them ortho total kill works great ive used it. spray around the leaves the pot any were they might be be careful.
  6. Dude, if i could help you with some advice I could, but I just wanted to say if I saw a bunch of spider eggs in my plants those fuckers would be thrown out and I would start over.

    God, just reading your post gives me the heebie jeebies. I'd have a coronary.
  7. Spiders are good - spider mites are bad. Have you positively identified the subjects?

    Spiders eat bugs, not marijuana.

  8. Do you have a magnifier of any sort? Spider mites are TINY but easily identifiable
  9. Get schultz fungcide 3 from lowes or walmart , a 6 dollar product. Spray the soil once a day. any thing tht comes up should die .
  10. True spiders hatch a gazillion young at a time but they soon run off to make a living somewhere viable. They'll only stick around as long as there are bugs to eat.


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