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    Long story short, my plant's got mite's when someone ik moved them for me(They f**ked them up pretty BAD):mad:. To make matter's worse, the person put them in the closet(I wasn't there). The mite's traveled up every stalk and i can see cobb webb's all over my beautiful plant's:mad::mad::mad::mad:. The worst part is i had a grape ape(My favorite strain) vegging, it was looking amazing and now this.My greenhouse currently is not very full, and the grape ape has yet to get the mite's yet but now that they have infested the grow area and ik there coming. I def sure there mite's, i have had this crop going for awile....What's the best way to save these plant's, i am willing to buy ladybug's exc. just give me some suggestion's PLEASE. ASAP (This crop COULD have yeilded a qp in another 2 month's.....).

    I have been gardening for YEAR'S and never had a problem with mite's before....ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED
  2. get some hotshots pest strips from home depot treat veg plants with this put the strip in ur room seal it off for like 3 days and nuke em lol...the ones in flower there is a product called azamax its a lil pricey but iam telling man it works very well two treatments they are usally gone make sure u get the pest strips though these work excellent just dont use em within 3 weeks of harvest good luck
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    there is this stuff called "safer" its kinda expensive if you have lots of plants but its basally fatty acids and salt so it attacks the mites by physically drying up there skin and they die

    this is about the safest way to do it other then azamax and its more effective, its designed to go on food plants so you know its safe and its OMRI certified

    make sure you get the one for tomatoes and stuff since this is something that you are going to consume

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Safer-5085-Tomato-Vegetable-Insect/dp/B000BQNBXQ/ref=pd_sim_ol_4]Amazon.com: Safer Brand 5085 Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer - 32-Ounce Spray: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    nothing wrong with azamax its pricey as well and make sure you use lots of it, like 20ml per 4liters or more it will look like milk and smell really good

    whatever you use make sure you get it all over the plant and mostly on the bottom sides of the leaves since thats where they live - notice the stuff that looks like spit on the leaves they are usually under there

    there is also the doctor doom and other pyrethrum based killer, it is a type 1 but Both type 1 and 2 pyrethroids inhibit the nervous system of insects causing them to develop a nervous disorder that prevents them from feeding and they die, you have to use this with the lights off preferably 3-4 hours before they turn on - but this is nasty stuff and after a while the bugs will get immune to it and its not good to use in late flower - now people will tell you that its not safe to use at all which I wont argue with but I know my science and this stuff will be have its protein chains broken apart by the lights when they turn on and it will turn into nothing in a few hours, furthermore the half life of the chemical is pretty low so its completely gone after only 24 hours at most
  4. nvr heard of it
  5. yea the safer is like $10 a bottle and its almost used up on a large plant but well worth saving a crop imo

    I would pour it out of the bottle into a pump sprayer because your hand will get tired in no time

    if you dont want to get it everywhere when you spray it take garbage bag and cut it open and have a friend hold it up like a shield when you spray it because this stuff is essentially soap so it will cause everything it gets on to get slippery including the floor so watch out for slipping - the good thing is whatever it gets onto it cleans since its soap so thats good, lol
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    Thank's for the info, does anyone know if i can get the safer spray locally ?
    I am considering using the trap's but the area is not very sealed...
  7. well first whats local? if you have local grow stores they will have it, but normal stores will usually only have it during the summer season

    if you dont have a way to order things online like from amazon you can get a visa gift card from walmart or places like that and it works just like a CC
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    i treat with azamax once and then i seal my room off the best i can with a fan inside and i drop a hot shots in there for the dark period and repackage when lights turn on and continue process until about 2or 3 weeks from harvest.. these hot shots are underrated read package carefully it is dangerous shit but aslong as u got good air flow after u remove them and u only use at night on flowering plants,veg u can keep in there all the time these little shits will be gone in hours man no joke there is little for sale signs all over ur leafs...lol they packed up and sold their houses lol trust me .

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