Spidermites Vs. Week 8 Bluedream (week 5 of bloom)

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    Just started my inspection and watering checklist this morning to find my flowering bluedream has spidermites spreaded all over. My question is, with she being on week 8 of 12 (day 32 of flower) with plenty of forming buds covered in frost; and the tool i usually use on these little fuckers being neem oil.. am i able to still use the neem oil without affecting the bud taste? Or should neem oil only be used on veg/early flower plants?
  2. This is not coming from experience but, I've heard mighty wash is safe throughout flower. Neem however is really fuckin stinky. I wouldn't want that anywhere near my buds but it's fantastic in veg :)
  3. I just skimmed through the bible and the last line under Application for neem oil reads "Avoid spraying the last few days before harvest. Some growers report a foul taste when applied just before harvest."

    Im still hesitant from spraying this on as the smell itself stays on the plant too damn long.

  4. Stick your finger in and taste the neem oil, some growers are accustomed to it, but trust me man the book is right.....lol it tastes real bad!!!!

    ..being an oil won't do your lungs any good either, come toking time



  5. Floramite. That'll knock their blocks off. It has a 21 day residual...

    Other than that, I'd spring for azamax. I pretreat my plants with azamax priot to flower, and hit them with floramite preemptively when the weather gets hot.
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    Just tore apart my flower room, found 3 more infected plants, 1 of them also covered in buds, damn these little bastards....

    Spent all of last nite covering all the other plants in a neem oil coating, though one of them reacted negatively to the spray and now looks like it was hit by a truck.

    Vostok, according to the link you just posted, i have upto the 2 last weeks to use neem oil without affecting the taste. Its the last sentence on the entry. Wouldn't that mean im still in the clear to use the neem oil by a week??? (based on the general hydroponics 12 week feeding layout, my plants being on week 8 (this being week #5 of 8-9weeks of flowering - Only half way done with flowering process)
  7. Hi Snap you should be OK, you have a windows of 2 weeks, otherwise I would have rec. 'Mighty Wash" not tried it myself, but can be used right up to final week, can't find much on "Mighty Wash", and don't know whats in it.

  8. I believe mighty wash is a"frequency liquid" or that's at least what dude at the store said. It uses the same principal as using a wave transmitter to get rid of bugs. Again, just hearsay. Not positive but I've heard good things about it.

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