Spidermites and something else?

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  1. In day 43 with an auto using ff and natures living soil. Got spider mites 3 weeks in . been spraying with the hydro something extract neem oil, spinosad and diy tobacco and soap sprays rotating them every spray. the white spots stopped immediately but then it started to look lighter in certain areas and last week the edges started turning yellow on a few leaves...the bottom is all green. ph, temps and humidity are all in range

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  2. I had thrips this grow, really pain to get rid of and I don't like spraying anything during flower. Instead I use predator insects. I purchased four sachets of Cucumeris insects that are valued at $1.50 a pack. I just hang them on the plants and let them do what they do. You can do the same regarding spider mites.
  3. im was thinking about that
  4. That’s cal mag deficiency. Maybe leaf burn mixed in too.
  5. For small bugs like mites, insecticidal soaps are very good - as long as you do a good job wetting down your plant! You have to get the undersides of the leaves where the mites hide. With small plants, I make up a gallon or so of soap solution and dip the whole thing up to the notched cardboard circle I use to keep the soil in place. I use Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap- it smells way better than neem and it can't give your plants tobacco mosaic virus!

    The soap solution strips the bug's waxy coat right off and they quickly die a horrible death from dehydration, and I don't think getting peppermint oil in all their "softer" spots would feel very good either. :D (I'm a nice old lady, but when it comes to spider mites on my plants, I get a bit sadistic! :devious: ) Repeat every 3 days, and lower your grow area's temperatures if possible (this slows down the mite's reproductive rate).

    A small bottle of Dr Bronner's will set you back all of $6 and will last a long time. It can be used right up to harvest, because it is nothing more than soapy water, and can be easily rinsed off with plain water the next day!

    How to Use Dr. Bronners As Insecticidal Soap (news - 2014)

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
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  6. I got bold and chopped all the leaves that were yellowing and all of them had alot of mite eggs on the underside, I guess i wasn't spraying as well as i thought. I hope she lives. thanks to everyone

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