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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by malawicob, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Is this the famous spidermite? How do I get ridd of it?

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  2. did u magnify the pic?they are very,very tiny. but you can still see them. but not like in the pic unless u magnified it. usually if there is one there are more. and there will be little webs. but if it is, all u need to do is use some dishsoap and water and spray the bitches down. i use that on my house plants. and watch. they are sneaky little buggers. they'll spread to all your plants. i don't grow so i hope someone posts some other info for you too. but i don't think it'll hurt your babies any using dishsoap and water. spray it down good.maybe use clean water after a bit, just to rinse off the soap.i hope i helped. good luck!
  3. hmmm well, i was just lookin at the pic again i don't think it is. too big and no webs and there is only one. unless you have seen more i wouldn't say it is. but you can use the soap and water just in case. hopefully someone can tell for sure if it is spidermites.
  4. That's regular old garden spider - DO NOT KILL HIM. These guys are beneficial because they eat harmful bugs. I have one in my grow pot right now, he's a cool dude.

    In addition, since I'm growing in my garage, I put the cat in there 1 night a week to make sure I don't suffer a rodent problem - those fuckers can eat your entire crop in one night...
  5. HIGH All, just as rlw said, "Just let him go about his business". Here is a good pic of a twospotted spider mite which is the most common of the Borg.
  6. Thanks for the excellent pic of the "real" spidermite. It looks so tiny, I am shure one would not be able to spot them without a magnifying glass.
    As for the house spider, I will let it be.

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