spidermite? need confirmation

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  1. so ive been having those brown spot on my fan leaves and new leaves for a while ...i thought it was cal/mag def or ph unbalance but im pretty shure its spider mite i saw somekind of webbing between leafs...im considering ladybug now...or better option option ...

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  2. Be sure to check on the underside of the leaves. That's where you will find them if they're present.

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  3. cant seem to see them but are those white dots spidermites bites or just normal leaf structure?
  4. [​IMG] I just pulled this from Google but that's what spider mite damage usually looks like. A bunch of spots and lots of times you will find little black spots too which is their poop I believe. Hope that helps a little. I don't know from personal experience as I've been fortunate enough not to get them. I'm sure my time will come one day though.

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  5. ya but on my third picture it kinda look the same
  6. I'd have to agree

  7. IMG_3883.JPG IMG_3882.JPG IMG_3881.JPG This is spider mite damage
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    i saw some kind of webbing im pretty they are eating my plant slowly ..but i cant find any ladybugs in my area....what about neem oil?
  9. To me those spots look more brown. From my one time having them all the spots are white. I didn't see any brown. Are you still in veg? Neem oil won't hurt and will be a preventative measure if in fact it isn't spider mites
  10. yes im still in veg might of been suffering from calmag ..i just added some epsom salt and dolomite lime ...maybe a lil ph fluctuation and an early stage nute burn
  11. but since the multiple flush and nute burn recovery i only been adding 1/4 nutrient dose and espsom salt
  12. i just sprayed my plant with green earth insecticidal soap wich contain fatty acid

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