Spider Mitey buds [URGENT]

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by t33to, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey all..

    So the mites are pretty much telling me they are taking over. A few of my larger plants in just one corner of the room now have webs on the top colas. Is it too late to harvest the plant and salvage some of it?

    What should I do? I'm in the 8th week. The strain I'm growing I've been told is a 9 or a 10 week finisher.

  2. are you sure its just not a regular spider,or have you actually seen them? are your plants dying or looking ill?
  3. I would harvest now before they do more damage. Your plants will only be stunted from now on if the Mites are truly there in numbers and therefore will not grow or fill out any further.

    I am no expert by any means but I have grown a few plants over the last few years, my last batch got murdered by spider mites 4 weeks into flowering so I guess I have a little experience.
  4. They are definitely there in numbers. I can see them cruising along their little webs and shit amonst the tops of the plants. I considered hand picking them off as the plants probably aren't fully flushed yet.

    Any other suggestions GC?
  5. well if u see webs that means there is a fuck load of mites i would flush my plants and crops em off dont think there is much u can do at this point late into lfowering and on the next crop make sure u clean everthing in ur room good be4 atarting again and keep a very close eye on ur plants in veg good luck i batteled them on my last grow from veg right to flowering and they are a pain in the ass one thing i know works AWESOME is KONK it is an auto sprayin machine they will pray in the room every 7 mins and within a week all the mites will be dead that is what i used and i tried all kinda of sprays and nothing killed them all they kept commin back but now i just run my KONK machine all the time now and no mite problems ever :) it was worth the 100 bux for the machine and the spray good luck
  6. If you can find some ladybugs to set free in your garden they'll eat those bastards up so fast they won't know what hittem. Plus the Ladybugs wont have any negative effects on your garden. then when they do their job just use a vaccum to suckem up. This happened to a buddy of mine. He said he got the ladybug idea from Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD so he tried it out and it worked like a charm. Hope this helps.

  7. yeah i have tried lady bugs be4 and it didnt work at all i ordered 500 lady bugs and they didnt do anything there is another kind of bug that is better for mites i dont remember what they are called but im sure a little lookin around and you will find them but KONK works for sure trust me

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