spider mites

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  1. have had this afganny for four yrs. now, till this spring. how in the hell do i beat the mites. have used everything i consider safe and the suckers got me anyway. now i need a new momma. HELP

  2. Spray that baby with something unsafe but make sure its had plenty of time to shed the bad chemicals before you start smoking.
  3. I'll suspect it's an indoor mother,,,4yrs..if the infestation is overwhelming hopefully she is resistant enough to heal...

    If the temps outside where you are are ok,,find the time to "securely" take mom outside into the wind,,remove all infested leaves and discard or destroy them,,then carefully shake off the plant,,,initially spray pyrinthian spray or safers soap on entire plant including undersides of leaves..adult's will die on contact ,let stand soaked for as long as you safely can....or as long as it takes to ...Clean/sterilize grow area completely before returning plant....vac growing area,wash area with water/bleach solution,then all tools etc. Place oscillating fan in area to completly dry.....go back outside..mist rinse plant with warm clean water,shake off again before returning to grow area...

    watch plant daily as when eggs hatch..you will need to lightly spray safers to kill them..

    Prevention is a clean area,air movement,and allow daddy long leg spiders,and ladybugs to share the area.They will eat them....

    Hope it helps...good luck


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