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  1. I have a serious spider mite problem. I've read through the growbook a few times and it really contradicts itself on this. A few remedies are offered, but are very generic and it says specifically not to use insecticides during the flowering stage (which I happen to be right in the middle of) I started noticing them a couple of weeks ago, but they've begun to take over this week. I can't afford the time it will take to experiment with remedies that may or may not work, as I'm afraid that the plant will be dead within a few weeks if they keep progressing. Anybody have any experience with these little devils? It is an indoor soil grow system, by the way.
  2. Hi, I have sprayed during flowering... it may not be ideal, but if it saves the crop... try it on a small area.
  3. Daddy long legs spiders,ladybugs,,ya know,,predators that will eat them.

    Safer's insecticidal soap,,mix it up soak the infested plant's,and garden.....suffocates them. It is also totally safe for plants and, you.. result's are immediate.

    Prevention....grow garlic as a companion plant in your garden,,bug's seem to hate it. Marigold's work as well,, not as good as garlic but, are prettier and smell better.

    All of these have been successfuly used over the years in several of my gardens,,but,,a clean garden is usually bug free and remember ,,flying bugs hate wind(oscillating fan).

    peace......good luck
  4. Ndica, yeah you're right... but wrongly or rightly I had assumed the problem was related to an indoor set-up. I grow inside due to unreliable weather and nosy neighbors.

    Cheers Andrew
  5. Spider mites are an indoor problem. Outdoors there is a predatory environment which controls these pests. Indoors YOU are mother nature remember that and, make your decisions likewise........peace

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