Spider mites

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  1. Had a Spider mite problem and had too chop plants early, What is a good fogger that will kill them in a 5x5 tent? I know I will have too do multiple treatments cause of eggs.. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

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  2. Look at the thread ( Other options if i can not find neem oil ) few topics down. Trifecta crop control is what i use. Can use it 3 days before chop.
  3. bleach the tent wipe it down . and bleach it again and again .
    foging it will not kill them . they adapt the eggs will survive the fog and it no longer works
  4. Orange oil- 2oz. per gallon, add couple drops of dish soap as a surfactant. Spray and wipe Then on your next grow, use same concentration as foliar and drench. No more mites, gnats or any bugs again. Organic and never fails. It breaks down the little bastards exoskeleton and they dehydrate. Quickly. You're welcome.
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  5. h2o2 is cheapest, kills mites wont harm plants, 3% as it comes in the small qt bottles, or dilute it yourself if you need a lot. hydrogen peroxide
  6. I used bleach and alcohol mix and wiped the whole tent down. Didn't have any next grow.
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