Spider mites?

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  1. Does this look like spider mites to anyone? Or am I being paranoid? She's been droopy/twisted for about a week now, lowered ppm to 215 (including tap water), hopefully she'll perk back up..

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  2. Do you think the twisting is from the mites? I had my ppm around 360, I lowered it down to around 200ppm, with almost straight pH'd tap water. I kept thinking my problems were from nutrients, but maybe it was the buggers all along
  3. I don't see any signs of spider mites. That's a very blurry picture. You should give more info on your grow . Is it DWC or soil? What's with the paper plates? Looks a bit young for nutes. The curl can be from your ph, too much fertz, heat, etc.
  4. Sorry about the lack of info, it's a DWC grow. I put the paper plates around the hydroton to prevent light leaks into the reservoir. They seemed to be doing fine for the first week, then I decided to add nutrients (maybe too soon). I got nervous about nute burn, then changed the res back to only tap water. I keep going back and forth on whether I should have any nutes in there or not, I keep seeing contradicting articles online as far as seedlings go. The details are:

    Lights: Cree3590 COB LEDs 3500k x 4 (running around 36-50 watts, haven't figured it out yet) @ 24" at 3/4 brightness
    Room temp: 70-78 degrees F (70 at lights out)
    RH: Low 45% High 70% - (Generally its 45-50)
    Res Temp: 68 degrees
    pH: 5.8
    PPM: 200 (Use tap water, which is 120 ppm out of the faucet)
    Strains: Blueberry and Girl Scout cookies

    I tried to figure out the plants needs through pH and PPM, but the numbers always seem to get thrown off so fast I can't really figure out whats going on. When I mix a fresh tank, my PPMs may increase by 5-10 after 6-10 hours, but my pH will go from 5.5-5.8 to 6.8-7.2 after only 6 hours. I was thinking about just scraping them and starting over with coco coir instead.

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  5. Do you guys think its possible to save them if i transplanted them to coco coir and used a no pest strip to rid the mites? Coco coir seems a bit easier. I can mix the nutes, but my dwc res is going crazy
  6. i got a shit-load of spiders in my grow area... im sure any bugs i may get will GET DEALT WITH. i havent seen no bugs. exept some caterpillars when i first moved the from outside to inside... but after killing them. my bug issues are gone,
  7. I've had them. U can see them crawling on the bottom of the leaves, and u get white spots on the top of the leaves. I got rid of them by cutting off the infected branch, hosing down the plant real good and sprayed it with neem oil and mite killer. Until they all were gone. It worked.

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