Spider mites

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  1. Dear grower's

    My indoor grow room has a few plants of which one jock has started to flower and it 10 days.
    I have a spider mite infestation.
    Someone suggested me to remove whatever buds i have got so far and than make the treatment. He said this will save the plant and also after a couple of weeks when ill switch to 12/12 they buds will be better and denser.
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  2. i'd remove the flowering plant away from your other plants ,,if your other plants are not flowering yet ,blast them with a product called 'Spinosad' ...its said to be pretty safe ,,,,mac
  3. where are the beautiful pics of said spidermite disaster?

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  4. Remove the infected plant and see if it got to any others you'll see the webs and the little eggs under the fan leaves. But yes use captain jacks dead bug(spinosad) or neem oil and in my experience since I got the little bastards in flowering and I had buds already I sprayed with neem oil first to kill off the adults waited a week and sprayed them again with captain Jack to kill off the larva and eggs then I put all of my plants on a straight up week of darkness, since the females stop reproducing and basically living without sunlight and wahlah you're free for now. But don't be bashful about taking them out and spraying your tent down with bleach water make sure to get every inch or it could be all for nothing. Good luck.

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  5. Dear friends

    So today ill be starting my treatment of spidermites.
    I have spinocide, oberon and neem oil.

    Can someone please give me the quantities of each to be used with how much water.
    And also the protocall ( if i should use spinocide first and how many days later other spray etc )

    Ill be spraying down the jock which has flowered also (2weeks in) as i have no option to move it elsewhere. Its either keep it and spray it or kill it.
  6. It will be much easier to link you to this thread than to sit and type it all over again - you'll find all you need here Spider Mites

    Get back to me if you still have questions.

    What, exactly are you using as a sprayer, and how large is your garden?

  7. Mate thanks alot for the tread ....... Alot of material to read and alot of action to be taken..... Cheers wilp get back at you with an update..... I am thinking of running a four day cycle where i use neem oil once and spinocide the next
  8. Are you in flower or veg?

    What kind (brand) of Neem did you get?

    Alternating the 2 is your best bet

    Spray every other day as soon as lights go out - do not spray with your lights on. YOU MUST BREAK THE EGG CYCLE - by spraying every other day for 2 weeks and then twice a week after that you will kill the mites often enough so that the juvenile mites will not have a chance to mature to adult and lay more eggs - so important

    Pay specia attention to underside of leaves - this is where they hide

    Let me know what stage your plants are in


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