spider mites

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by morange, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. I got spider mites because of contaminated clones from another grow.

    I bought some SNS 217 from the hydro store how often should I spray my plants also can I do it throughout flowering too?
  2. I would solve the issue before trying to flower

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  3. i dont have time i have to harvest in like 9-10 weeks
  4. Isn't it still a baby?
  5. no about 1.5'-2' tall
  6. Spider Mites is the only time I digress for my organic grows, only cause of a serious infection back in 1978, as a newbie, we used Malathion then, maybe its still around..? I hate to admit this lol

    good luck
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  7. please don't use malathion! That stuff is about as toxic as it comes. We use Neem oil, which works but takes a couple of weeks to be effective. Another way to deal with this is making activated compost tea. By spraying the plants with the tea, they get fed, but it also creates a physical barrier that the mites can't get through.

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