Spider mites?

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  1. I'm new to growing and am wondering about spider mites. These plants are 10 days from sprout and I noticed a white fuzz running up the stem and around the base of leaves. Also small white spots on top of the leaves? Is it spider mites and if so is it too early to spray them??

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    :eek:I hope you are wrong mites suck big time:eek:
    Look on the underside of the leaves with a magnifying glass. They will be small as this ' and you may see them moving. They are small to spray except with water, that will wash alot of them off if you have them. I cant see any sign of them in the pic.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply... It's a really fine white fuzz but I think it's just a young plant. I was reading about mites and think I may be a little paranoid
  4. Also make sure it's not powdery mildew. That will make your plants sick unless fixed immediately.
  5. You should separate those seedlings if you plan to keep them or you will have more problems later. I would think its too early for mites. If you do have them, IMO, trash those plants, hose down your room and get rid of them completely before you start your grow over. Only my oppinion though. Its early enough that you shouldn't lose much time or effort.
  6. They will live and lay their eggs primarily on the underside of your plant's leaves. Take a magnifying glass, because they are really small and so are their eggs, and look at the underside of the leaves. If you have mites there will be lots of tiny white dots under the leaf which are eggs. There may also be mites, which probably won't move at first but if you wait they will begin walking around.

    If you don't see any of this then you probably don't have mites, and the white "webbing" you are seeing could be powdery mildew. Look up powdery mildew and see if it looks like that. If not then just keep watching it and see if it gets worse.
  7. Plants look fine to me, just keep an eye on them...one thing I do see that may be a problem later is you've got two plants in one pot. Roots will get tangled
  8. Hey thanks for the advice, I just used some bag seeds so planted two in each because I didn't know if they would sprout. I never thought about the roots tho.

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