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  1. Whats the best thing to spray for spider mites on my plants, or the beas method to get rid of them?
  2. Everyone has somethind different. But I use hot shot pest strips in veg, and if I get some in flower, mighty wash...
  3. I use Azamax...again everyone is different.
  4. you can spray them with a mix of 90%alcohol and water. a 50_50 mix.
    this will kill on contact, azamax is neem and a few other ingredients..

    neem is a good habit to get into, they don't like it..it prevents them from laying eggs on ur plants, that's the hardest part get control of..
    the alcohol will not kill the egg2, so spray them every three days for a 12 day period .

    or a pyyrthyn bomb//they are tough don't give in
  5. Azamax works great and after an infestation spray once a month .happened on my first grow after a couple of weeks no sign and non since .-- Erb
  6. Forbid by Bayer is the BEST product I found to get rid of a nasty reaccuring mite problem
  7. Good neem oil/pyrethrums mixed with little soap...works fantastic, used for years

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