spider mites

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by webi, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Ok guys one of my plants has spider mites shes still in veg but close to her is my auto with about a week and a half left i cant find any mites on the auto just wondering if i should chop the auto now or if i can treat the mites.
  2. Im going to get some organic treatment stuff but will that be ok to use on the auto with week and a half left also can u spray on the buds?
  3. set off a pyrethrum bomb or two.....i personally hate spraying buds this late because a. it can ruin flavor and b. it can increase the chances of budrot.

    doktor doom foggers work pretty good.
  4. Mighty Wash em .
  5. So do u guys think i should chop the auto and spray the infected one as my auto isnt showing any signs of mites ive checked all over

  6. Don't chop it. Like Wharf sez, use MightyWash. NOT a chemical & will be safe. The stuff works better than anything I've ever used.
    You can always wash the auto with pure h2o 24-48 hours after the Mighty Wash, if you're worried. But the Wash will make those suckers disappear.

    Keep treating for a few weeks and they will not come back.
    Until the next time.

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