Spider mites?

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  1. Are these the infamous spider mites? This is on a tomato plant that's in the same garden as my babies. It may be too late they're already on most the other plants it seems like they're there until they want to go away.

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  2. Oh yeah that's a bad infestation for sure. Best bet is using neem oil or pyrethrin based spray at one ounce a gallon of water plus a 1/4 tsp of biodegradeable dish soap. Do this spray every 3 days for 9 days then on the 10th day spray them off with plain water and you should have gotten them out of there.
  3. Yeah I've heard a lot of good things about neem oil. Is dawn soap ok or is that not the right soap?as I was looking around I saw this tomato horn worm. This is turning out to be a horrible year in terms of pests.

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  4. Thats fucked up. if i ever find a leaf with that many on it im just gonna pluck it off chew it up and swallow the little cocksuckers.
  5. Yeah man it sucks. I've also found a bunch more caterpillars not as big as the one in the above pictures but they look about the same that fucked my bud up last year. I'm getting worried
  6. a few weeks ago i would come out and find very tiny worms camped out in the tops of a few plants i just picked them out. sure hope those bastards dont come back
  7. b t spray will kill caterpillars I also would suggest to get praying mantis eggs in your garden next year they are the best defense against pests. I got hundreds that hatched out from a couple eggs I got off the internet for a few bucks a piece very worth it. :) plus they are just frickin cool
  8. Yeah man I didn't till the dirt this year that kills the tomato worms eggs. As for the mites I don't know we've never had a problem with that. Im worried about this harvest. My plants are still small so I've still got time. This is my biggest plant. I don't have a close up but it's been chewed up by aphids.

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  9. Damn that sucks... Thats a crap load.... I would try and find a pesticide thats unharmful to your plants but one that will kill those fuckers.
  10. I just purchased some pray mantis eggs. 6 of them to be exact. I know I only have 3 pot plants but I have an entire vegetable garden that all have aphids and spider mites and as they grow they'll feast on these caterpillars. Cross your fingers and let's hope this works
  11. Spider mites like the shade thats why you always find them on the under side of the leaves. Plus to see them and their eggs you need atleast a 20X pocket scope or jewelers loupe, you will also see lots of little white dots on the tops of the leaves as they feed on the leaves from the under side. As for the worms theres a number of things you can use that is better them just neem oil. I`m using Pyrethrin right now for spider mites and sofar hardly any worm problems yet but I got some Safer Catapillar Killer.
  12. So where can I find neem oil? Will home depot carry that or do I need to go to a nursery? Or I have a ton of hydro shops around me.
  13. [quote name='"itsagirl"']So where can I find neem oil? Will home depot carry that or do I need to go to a nursery? Or I have a ton of hydro shops around me.[/quote]

    All the neem oil you find at hydro stores or home depot are bottom of the barrel junk, go to neemresource.com and get quality neem
  14. Alright thanks man. I might look at some nurseries and see if they have any quality neem. I just hate paying for shipping and handling
  15. Just a warning, you won't find quality neem elsewhere, I paid 20$ with shipping included for my neem off neemresource
  16. YOU are a @#$ your grow is over with delete all u wan't u know u even fuck'd up last year wow
  17. Hell i guess u don't learn from prior mistake's with your caterpillar's last year . U go around this year and do it all again , I love how people like u wait tell your grow is infested to actually take action CAN ANYONE SAY PLANT ABUSE U say this is a hobby for u THEN DO IT RIGHT TARD ....
  18. I Got some mantis egg's george well uhh that will do it de da deee
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    Itsagirl, no one cares don't delete all my feed back and photo's of my grow because u know damn well anyone who would have look'd would a told u same thing my shit was to good looking to b post'd here anyway . U call'd my bluff so i posted. How do u get by year after year harvestless ? u go threw the shit year before with no effort's to correct this years grow . who does that dude ? That is why mid aug your belly up bern't . AND EVERYONE WHO READ'S THIS . THIS GUY SAY'S HE'S BEEN GROWING FOR HALF A DECADE YEA MAYBE N THE DARK . EVERYTIME WE KNOW WHAT HAPPEN'S IT'SAGIRL so u take care delete this post to because god forbid anyone read something that makes u look dumb . i know u like my grow best of luck and people who help u are wasting there time THIS GUY JUST DON'T GET IT

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