Spider mites !!!!!! :(

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    yes i think this is spider mites.... i only have 9 plants under 2x 400 hps

    and i took 3 pics of it

    Picture 208.jpg
    Picture 210.jpg
    Picture 211.jpg

    i googled alot about spider mites and this is my 4th growth iam gonna put in pics of those babies , yes i googled that i can take each plant in shower and clean them with the hose get them spider mites down the drain , and clean the room and put em back in ... and i only vegged em for 30days so theyr still on 16/8

    Spider Mites Treatment & Control! Liquid Ladybug Spider Mite Spray i found this.. but i live in iceland so i cant go and buy alot of stuff. so if theres something good i can do please help me

    thanks :)

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