Spider Mites?

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    Hey fellow blades,

    I am about 2 weeks from harvest on some pretty ladies. I noticed some brown/yellow dead pin spots on the fan leaves today. I ramped up feeding recently (extra tsp of Tiger B) so I attributed the spots to nute burn. I do not see any signs of mites or webbing of any kind. When I look with a 60x-100x pocket scope I see all the fan leaves covered in milky gland/egg like dots. I hope to god these are glands on the plant cause I see no signs of actual mites.

    400w HPS
    FF line of nutes (once a week)
    soil grown 2.5 gallon pots

    Thanks for any help
  2. Oh please somebody help!
  3. Look under the leaf. On the bottom.
  4. you can spray some neem oil ON THE LEAVES ONLY.

    since you are so close to harvest, i really wouldn't recommend spraying anything.....dont put neem oil or azamax in the soil as a drench.....it will just leave you with droopy plants (from the roots being choked out) and nothing really changing on the pest level.

    neem seed meal or neem cake would be good to use as a topdress on your soil; it may lessen the bug attack a little bit.

    good luck! i hate to say it but stay more preventative next time! thats the best way to keep yourself from problems....preventing it before they happen. spray neem oil every two weeks until day 14 of flower.

  5. But I don't see any mites at all. Is there a tell tale sign? My question is not how to get rid of them but how to tell if I have them?
  6. Yeah I looked and nothing. I don't see any bugs just these egg like things under 60x magnification. They look like it could be resin glands or eggs not sure. They are everywhere though top and bottom of leaf. But no adults or moving mites can be seen anywhere.
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    OK here are some pics of the top and bottom of a particular leaf. The symptoms seem to be the same across different plants and different strains. Again no mites or webbing to be seen with magnifying glass or pocket scope. I have looked at fifty or so leaves so I was thorough. Oh and the pics below are from a different strain only at 4 weeks in 12/12

    I am very concerned because it is spreading. I am pretty sure it isn't mites at this point. The only bugs I have ever noticed are fungus gnats.

    Here are some pics of my next action against this terrible thing. Be back in a few hours.


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  8. wtf is that a picture of that you have at the bottom of your last post?

    .....anyways, if thats a bug attack, it would be thrips. they're extremely small though........breath on your leaves like your warming your hands, they get attracted to the heat, and you may see them move around more.

    if you dont see anything, than i wouldnt worry. have a nice harvest :wave:

  9. Hahaha that my friend is some mashed red potatoes with some super strong butter. I am trying to keep myself reeled in enough to type this :D No movement with breath so I feel pretty good about it not being bug related. I am concerned about the four week girls though. I suppose I will cut back the nutes and see what happens. Thanks

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