spider mites week 5 flowering!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Do u guys think its okay 2 spray plant wit pesticide at week 5 into flowering?????????
  2. fuck no
    not "pesticide" anyway
    you're going to burn and inhale this smoke!
    try neem, castille or ivory clear, distilled water
    you're going to probably get lots of different suggestions
    biggest key is prevention...you probably brought in the critters on your clothes or person, shower before entering your garden room if you can and wear clean clothes

    can also try rosemary oil (food grade, 20mL), ivory clear dish soap (30mL), distilled water (1L), shake and spray; repeat in 3 days and 1 week, continue to monitor and spray as needed

    neem and rosemary aren't toxic and don't leave super harsh residues on your plants
    only use the highest quality oils you can get

    search the boards, spider mites come up all the time
  3. Thanx 4 da info .......wat bout avid u try it????:confused:
  4. wouldn't use it personally
    i like the oil/soap/water combo, it's pretty effective and very safe
    you need to drench everything, really spray well especially undersides of leaves
    again...you're going to ignite and inhale the residue of whatever you spray on your plants, don't use harsh shit unless you HAVE to
  5. If i spray i wont get mold?
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    spraying buds is always a risk, but buds full of webs kinda sucks
    keep your humidity down, increase your ventilation, consider upping temps for several hours until dry
    spider mites don't fly or jump, they crawl
    if ONLY one plant infected (doubtful), keep other plants away
    there are products you can line the rim of your pots with that make them slippery and hard for mites to crawl into the pot, if plant leaves don't touch, you can possibly limit the spread
    usually though, you see em and fuck -- it's too late, they're everywhere or at least not worth the risk to not treat
    you can spray neem almost right up to harvest, you won't taste it in your smoke
    i personally don't like the smell
    and rosemary oil is bomb shit too
    sold as S-N-S 217 for way to much money, make your own
  7. keep a fan blowing on them hard next time
  8. So far so good.jus used sum neem

  9. First time hearing that...
  10. I'm having pretty much the same problem right now and I'm in my eighth week of flowering. I didn't notice them, and then all of a sudden they were everywhere a week ago or so. I already sprayed insecticide on it quite a bit so I don't know if I should even smoke what comes out now. What do you think? There are still mites on there I'm pretty sure but there are definitely webs on there a little bit. It sounds like its pretty screwed and I should just start a new plant.
  11. i heard 1part rubbing alcohol mixed with 4parts water and a drop of dish soap works great??? my plant looked to be showing early signs of mites, so i tried it.. the mixture evaporated pretty quickly.. after 20mins i misted again with just water.. hopefully it will work and not harm my plant.. anyone know much about this method?
  12. U think its good to bomb grow room during vegg?????
  13. Just don't use anything toxic. People are going to inhale this stuff so don't do anything that would put your health at risk.
  14. Dude get some fucking lady bugs in there now!
  15. Northern Cali,

    Doktor Doom pyrethrum foggers can be used on vegetables up to 1 day before harvest. Pyrethrum is an extract made from chrysanthemum flowers and is the active ingredient in these foggers.

    The foggers are supposed to be set off 3 hours into the dark period so they have time to do there job. If the pyrethrums are exposed to light, the miticide degrades quickly.

    IMO, they are the safest foggers to use and will not affect your smoke. I've included a label for you to view and you can research further on the web.



  16. I guess you need a green light to go into the room after 2 hours and turn all of your ventilation back on or your room will be dripping wet in the morning? Right?

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