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  1. I had checked this article out in treating yourself magazine. I had a pretty bad spider mite outbreak this year due to various challenges which I assumed and hoped were under control. I saw the article and then I had to give the product a try myself.

    I too have to honestly say that this product has worked exceptionally well for me and it did not only kill spider mites on contact but it also killed the eggs which has always been a huge challenge for most experienced growers. I sprayed my plants and they came back to life while eliminating my spider mite infestation. I am just passing the information along that I thought was relevant and could possibly help somebody else the way that other growers help me during my first few crops.

    Here is the link to the article to read as well..
    Treating Yourself Magazine Issue 30, pages 82-83


    No More Spider Mites
    No Spider MitesTM!

    Using Azadrachtin, [not going to say which brand] I had a very disappointing crop because of an invasion of spider mites, the first time in years! Having used Neem oil products for years with complete control heard of the Azadrachtin and decided to use it before I switched into bloom. Believed after its use that there were no more mites, WRONG! Could not see any mites anywhere, with past results being great with Neem and less applications, figured there were no more mites. At 2 weeks from finish found a small pocket under a branch that even with air conditioner on maximum ate their way through 20% of my crop!

    There is nothing that can be done at that time, cannot spray anything except cold water, or so I thought. Organic growing is a commitment to Health, being at the root of the Health Foods community. Because of the high value of these flowers there has been added to the arsenal of the underground growers, AVID, a type of Mite killer used on flowers for the Floral trade that is not to be used on vegetables, or anything destined for human consumption, Very Deadly to Patients!

    According to Dr. Todd Mikurya, AVID caused the death of a Patient that had a compromised immune system. She had been trimming a batch of Cannabis that had been treated with AVID during the final weeks of bloom cycle.

    This Insecticide and the many other equally Toxic insecticides are used to stop Satan's Minions, [Spider-Mites], from destroying their crop. Many unscrupulous Growers, who care only about money and not the health of those who consume their herb, are now routinely using this Insecticide. There is a new Non-Toxic Mite Killer called “No Spider MitesTM”! Using Organic Oils and Botanicals they have developed the best new Product I have tried in the past 30 Years!

    This Really works! This Product Really ends the Merry Go-Round of “Control” we have been forced to endure to keep our crops free of this truly devastating pest. I will use the example of my own last crop, the poor performance of Azadrachtin in the last crop before I went into bud had the mites re- appear in the final 2 weeks of bud, causing a 20% loss of my crop.

    This had never occurred before using Neem to control them well enough to be able to keep them out of my bud room long enough to not need to spray at all during the Bud cycle.
    This failure of the product to truly control them also left them in my Bud room, my nursery, all while I was traveling for a week in California, these pests got a lot worse while I was gone.
    My Bottle of No Spider MitesTM arrived while I was in California; my caregiver sprayed both spaces twice while I was gone.

    I Sprayed once more to just make sure the floors and walls were all covered in both spaces. Using about a gallon on an 8' x 12' space, as well as the nursery which is 2' x 4' and the room it is in, covered it completely. My My Caregiver used much more than was necessary, he should have used no more than a half a gallon.

    After transplanting all of the cuttings into the Bud Room, I noticed they all had very shiny leaf surfaces and over all looked like really healthy plants. Leaves healing from previous mite bites are particularly inspiring to any gardener! Loss of Vigor is one of the most noticed effects on Cannabis Plants when sprayed with all the various miticides, with “No Spider MitesTM”, there is a renewed Vigor that makes me impressed even more with this product; and it even smells good!

    It has been about a week since I sprayed this product last and my plants are noticeably improved, there are No Spider MitesTM!!!!

    There were 3 applications applied in total, one on the 20th, another on the 23rd, last one on the 27th of April, with Amazing results.

    What is most impressive is that the Eggs are killed, which has always been the hardest to eliminate in the life cycle of these pests.

    Have never been this Impressed with any product more than with this “No Spider MitesTM” in the last 30 Years!!!!!

    FYI, 21 days into bloom, June 14, not only are there no signs of mites, there is very vigorous growth, with a heavy onset of flowers, absolutely beautiful plants!!!! I love this product more today than when I used it. There are no signs of spider mites anywhere nearly a month after I have used this product.

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    the best way I found to get rid of them is this stuff called "safer" and it works just great, get the one made for tomatoes - check my earlier posts I have a link to it somewhere

    you have to clean up and everything to be sure you got it all but if you got them on the plant this stuff will kill them and not harm the plant at all - I have sprayed it directly onto the buds and they turned out fine, it could add salt since thats sorta what it is but its safe thats why its called "safer" and its omri certified
  3. Thanks for the input . I tried safer a couple of times but the problem that i had was that it didn't have a great smell, nor did it take out my eggs. It was a good product but definitely did not take out the eggs. I actually would use it again early but my outbreak occurred later in cycle and no spider mites worked great for me. One of my buddies who i turned on to it used the product day before harvest with great results as well. Thanks for the input and hopefully there won't be a next time! Lol but I'd there is I'll give safer another try
  4. Liquid Ladybugs works really well too. It'll get the eggs too.

  5. That issue is set to display until Oct 30 2011, and here in late November you say you read it and then pitch a miracle cure that you say worked for you in mid June? With only two posts I suspect you made/sell this product.
  6. yea just noticed that, strange

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