Spider mites or just a harmless jumping spider?

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  1. I'm looking to see if anyone can identify a spider that was on my plants. We spray with a protective soap coating but we noticed that one of the girls was having these little spiders shooting webs from nearby plants and climbing over to our plant. So they can create webs and Jump as it jumped off of my hand whilst taking pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The plants are a ways away but it would be worth it to check on them early if these fellas are just snacking on my children. Also any ideas for natural or unintrusive products would be appreciated. We have since knocked down any surrounding tall grass and removed any plants within 4-5 feet.

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  2. Looks *to me* like a precious spider.
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  3. yep its an ordinary spider ,you'd probably squash a spider mite if you tried to pick one up they are really tiny like specs on the leaves moving around .not a even like the spider in your hand ,,mac,,
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  4. That spider is the least for your problems by the looks of your plant.
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