spider mites on my drying bud

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    i have some bud that is drying and today i noticed that there is a spider mite infestation. what should i do? should i leave it to get bone dry so they'll leave?
  2. shoot bro, idk but I hope someone helps u! bump
  3. I hope so, i searched and there are different opinions on this so im getting a bit confused what to do
  4. hey bro i would frezze the buds. put them in a frezzer when dry and that should kill them thats what i would do. it should work they cant live if there frozen to death dude.
  5. Ive done this in the past, but where I live its very low humidity and mold is hardly a factor here. I wash the buds with water. Water kills live mites, however it has no effect on their eggs...
  6. I'm no pro, do you think water curing might be an option for you?
  7. No water does not kill mites, they thrive in a dry climate but water doesn't affect them that much. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if your crop is infested and has already been chopped and is drying it is far to late to try and do anything about it now. Like other's have said put it in the freezer once it's completely dry to kill off living mites then go through and decide how much is good to smoke still and how much you will need to use for hash/cooking. For the future keep a close eye for spider mites because they do almost always show up outdoors it's just a matter of keeping them at bay. Some early signs of mites are curled and dried leaftips in small area's of your plants, small white/yellow spots on the top side of the leaves (usually start on the lower half of the plant), and webs. Chop all the natural weed's around your plant because there are lots of different kinds of weed's that carry spider mites and other crop-eating critters. To treat for mites research miticide, it's the only true way to take care of the problem. Hope this helps, good luck!
  8. for how long should i leave them in the freezer?
  9. 1-2 days and make sure that your crop is COMPLETELY dry before putting them in the freezer.
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    Yes it does, it drowns them...

    How to Get Rid of Spider Mites
  11. Order predatory mites to eat those bastards. Pick off the dead pred mites during trim.

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