Spider mites? Microscpope pics..

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  1. Hello all~

    I though I was dealing with thrips but could this be spider mites? Do those look like spider mite eggs?

    Here is a pic from google of "spider mite eggs"


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  2. no i think you fine
  3. why do you think no? I know I have some nute burn issues but I am starting to see brown spots on the leaves I will try to get some pics up.

    Thank you for you reply, anyone else?
  4. Those pics look like mites to me bro. Only one way for sure is to take your scope and look around for a bug and if it looks like a white worm it's Thirips if it looks like a crab or spider it's spide Mites but that damage and those eggs look like mites.

    Prepare for hell. I would destroy the entire garden and start from scratch. I know it sounds crazy but that's what I'd do. Those things are insane.
  5. Do you have any bugs or webs? They don't look like mites eggs to me.

    Looks like it may be a fungus.
  6. Mites will make the top part of the leaves appear dotted with pin sized white spots, you see any of that? Or webs?

    Looks like fungus perhaps like GM said, or maybe some P def setting in but we'd need to see more of the plant. Is your ph OK? That can cause spotting and strange stuff too.
  7. THank you for the reply, I have been looking like crazy even spraying very fine water on the leaves and nodes to look for the webbings and I have seen none. I do see black poop on the underside of the leaves

    I have also seen a white worm things crawling in the coco when I rake my fingers across it. I have bought gnatrol but it sounds like I should be using azamax or azamazz (spelling? not sure what it is called)?

  8. I started thinking that too becuase the lower leaves get theses weird black patches of death. I will look into this.

    I have also seen holes in my leaves, but no catapilliarssss
  9. I see no white dots, just rust colored spots on the leaves. I will get pics up in 4 hours when the lights come back on.

    About them:

    They are skunk #1 from seed. THe seeds sat in my fridge for a year and germed right away. I am in Canna coco hand watering every 4 days now. Going 850ppm full canna nutes, 1 month into veg, I have topped and lst following LBH and I have them under a 1000w and a screen. temps 80 RH LOW (thats what my meter says!)

    Ph has been between 5.7 and 6.2 which is coco correct, but I have seen some signs of ph issues. Its strange to measure the ph of the coco.

    I will look into fungus and if I think it might be I will buy sulphur vape

    Thank you all I forgot to thank the person on my other reply!
  10. More detailed or larger pictures would help a lot. However it does not look like spider mites.

    You can see spider mites running along the bottoms of the leaves with the naked eye. On the tops of the leaves you would see many many many, tiny white/yellow spots.

    The leaf in the picture seems to be suffering from some sort of Def.


    By any chance, is this leaf from the bottom of the plant? It looks sort of like how mine do when the canopy gets too dense for any of the foliage underneath to get light.

    UC IPM Photo

    Do the worms look like the ones in the link above?
  11. doesnt look like mite eggs to me. have been staring at mites and eggs for last few weeks. bastards to get rid of. peace

  12. They do only they are not clear they are a milky white. I do not see any mites maybe I need to put the microscope down and chill.

    The leaves that look infested are the ones under the screen, so yes they are not getting much light at all. My 4x4 screen is probably 35% full

    Thank you for the reply I am going to keep fighting the thrips then and pray that they are not mites

    THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE:hello::hello::D:smoke:

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