Spider Mites... Maybe

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  1. So I have a blueberry mother plant in coco, I recently transferred the room it was in and about 3 weeks later I looked under the leaves and found these little yellow spots... Any ideas?????

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  2. Is it spread all over the plant? And I can't really tell from the pic but it looks like mites. I cant be 100% sure though without something magnifying the leaf
  3. Its only at the very top of the plant, and it made the top of the leaves scrunched up but not dried out... Also i didnt see any spiders walking around. I hadnt seen the plants for about a week, i was outta town, but i noticed it right when i walked in the room. I just was confused cause i saw no bugs also only the very top of the plant had it. (and only this one plant had them)
  4. Could u post a pic of the new growth I could probably get a better idea of the issue and if it is only the new growth it may be just a deficiency or to much of something
  5. But they are like little bumps? Can that be a deficiency, i mean its not just discoloration there are actual bumps.
  6. interested in this as well. my blackberry mom has similar symptoms. over about three days these spots showed up then seemed to quit multiplying after i released 10 or 20 ladybugs and fed with an aact. never had mites & didnt see any. ladybugs all left the area so i assume they didnt have any food on the plants.

    still curious..

  7. Can you put ladybugs in an indoor grow... In a grow tent seems like a bad idea but if it works might be better than chemicals

  8. That doesn't sound like mites. The pic also doesn't look exactly like the mite damage I've seen before, though it's similar. If it's mites the damage will spread fairly quickly over more of the plant, and to other plants in your grow room. Ultimately if it's mites, even early on in the infestation, you will see their tiny asses crawling around very slowly on the underside of the damaged leafs. There will likely only be 1 or 3 of them on a leaf showing a lot of tiny yellow specks, but they can be spotted with the naked eye. Particularly if you're nearsighted or with a low power mag glass. They are slightly smaller in scale than the period of text on this forum as it appears on a smart phone screen.

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