Spider mites and Sulfur burners

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  1. Hey guys i'm looking for a little advice wondering if anyone has an opinion on dealing with mites while using a sulfur burner .. Now I pretty sure my PM is under control to the point where I don't need to burn sulfur anymore, but spider mites are moving in... now I know you can't burn sulfur after you treat with and oil.... but can you treat with an oil after you are done burning sulfur? For the cycle I have barely over 30 days left in flower... not that it should matter but i'm 6 plants in soil under 2 600w vented hoods in a 4x8 grow tent lots of air movement via 4 fans and a 745cfm exhaust fan.... running humboldt nute line... now if I am able too will treating with oil with 30 days left be enough time to wash that off and not worry about a residual taste from neem or whatever the suggested product might be??? any thoughts would be appreciated....
  2. Have you ever tasted bud with a sulfur flavor? you won't win any cannabis cup...lol
    use neem oil but hold off for the last 2 weeks of bud

  3. Just thought i would update this in case anyone else had a problem... So there were no sulfur flavors going on in my bud everything flushed out fine... and you can neem after sulfur but not the other way around... as long as you finish everything before you flush the plant you should be ok....
  4. Good Neem oil ( theres a difference) mix with pyrethrums and little soap works great on spider mites
  5. Next time you get mites check out a spinosad product, Monterey Gardens makes the one I use. Simple effect organic and you spray it on till up to the week of harvest. Neem is more of a preventative. Now I spinosad/neem weekly till the 3rd week of flower, haven't seen a mite in quite awhile.
  6. Dk..read up ...good stuff ..news to me ...thanks!
  7. hey donekiez did you mix neem and spinosad together or separate and what is the dosage for spinosad
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