spider mites again!

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  1. so my mother plant has been through quite the shitter the last 3 months and cant seem to get this lady back into shape. its had spider mites nute deficiencies and heat damage.

    the spider mites came from a friends house when he was taking care of my plants, we finally got them taken care of with some pesticide he picked up. now they have returned about 4 weeks later =/

    i hear that mixing fresh spicy peppers into some water and spraying them on the plant will take care of the problem.. i tried it out and it looks like it was either too acidic for the leaves or it was from the super hot days we have been having. the ph of the "pepper water" was about 6.3 the ph of the soil is 5.8 but it looks like it didnt like that water..but neither did the mites, no more webs.

    i recently put the plant under a screen for scrog to finish her and start fresh. i had to manicure about half of the leaves off due to heat damage and mite damage and the plant looks very thinned out but has over 50 tops =]

    looking for advice on spider mite problems.. should i start flowering and treat them again for the first weeks of flower and cross my fingers that they stay dead? i switched to 12/12 about 5 days ago and idk if i should just continue with the flowering and get this bitch of a plant out of my hands.
  2. Here are a few Pics of what im dealing with


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    I use either neem oil or a mix of 50 % alc. and 50% water w/ a few drops of non-antibacterial soap. The alcohol kills the adults and evaporates quick , but you have to apply every 2 or 3 days as the eggs hatch. Also, what light are you using? Cause your plants looked really stretched, how high are your lights from your plants?

    Nvmd that last part, just read the rest of your post.
  4. Mites can be a pain in the ass, but its not like rocket science.

    "Dont Bug Me" $12 - from Fox Farm. Spray when lights are off of course, kills dang near instantly & they wont come back unless you bring them back, & you can use it right up to the day of Harvest.

    I've tried them all, as I grow in an outdoor shed, I should know...most of the pest are brought in on our shoes & clothing.
  5. Without Question if you want to kill the mites in one fail swoop, HOT SHOT NO PEST STRIPS!! do it now before you go into flower, then Liquid Ladybug every 3 days for a week, then just maintenance at that point.
  6. thanks for the advice, i was checking out that ff dont bug me, organicide, and neem oil. the guy at the local hydro shop said anything that uses oils will make the buds taste funny if its in flower. he gave me a free bottle of this stuff, forget what its called but it is oil based so i knocked the timer back to 18/6

    as for lights im using a 125w feliz cfl 6500k and a 150w hps for just this plant

    how much will these damn bugs effect the yield if i continue to flower right now and continue treating them? it has only been a few days on 12/12 and nothing really exciting going on yet.. should i continue 12/12 or drop back to 18/6 for a bit?

    i havent seen a mite or any webs since i sprayed that pepper water on it 4day ago and treated it again with the new stuff i picked up today also

    id really like to see some good foliage before flower but ive never dealt with mites before =/ and idk what to expect yield wise

  7. nice grow very very healthy plants. :smoke: how is the pineapple express yield wise and height? does it grow bushy or stay pretty vertical? which seed bank did you get it from? i just fell in love with it when i picked some up at a local dispensary, and its def on my list for my next grow.
  8. any suggestions? keep 12/12 or veg for another week or 2?
  9. Kick it to 12/12 and GO FOR IT! If you haven't seen a spider mite in a few days, just keep checking to make sure new eggs are not hatching, and spot treat as necessary.
  10. thanks, thats what i went for... popped the timer back to 12/12 before it ever had a 18hr day =] new growth is looking much better and starting to speed up again. i just keep moving the branches outward so only the new tops are coming through and trimming off bigger damaged leaves a few at a time.

    this shouldn't affect yield should it, if the problem is resolved b4 preflowers? the lower foliage is usually trimmed off anyway to focus more on the tops..
  11. hahah irony at the name and thread^^^ oh and soap and water has always worked better than neem for me
  12. You can't just treat once and expect them never to come back. They got onto your plants for somewhere, and they will get back onto your plants again unless you keep treating regularly and find their source. I have tons of bugs in my bamboo and I've been spraying it so they don't migrate onto my MJ plants. I'd suggest taking everything out of your grow room and thoroughly cleaning and spraying in there, then treating your plants with neem or insecticidal soap. If you use neem, retreat every few days for a couple weeks. It won't kill then infestation in just one use. You're probably just dealing with the newly hatched eggs from the ones you thought you killed. If you treat regularly for a while, it should take care of it.
  13. Man I got a problem to, week 9 started today and fuckin mites man , I can't believe I missed this. Just came from the Hydro shop and they said the Fox Farm brand don't bug me has killed some of the peoples plants.I went with a tall green can I gotta get the name. So much foliage in my tent to many plants at one time that's why I might have missed it. I hope the damage isn't bad I'll be treating them in a hour or so.
  14. can you treat with neem in the primary stages of budding? worried about mold and what not
  15. Damn as I further examined I see webs. I used Doctor Doom, as I sprayed and the webs got wet that when they became visible. I was touching webs and never knew it. I hope I didn't spray to much, the directions say don't spray where it builds up on the leaves but that's hard when ur looking at these little bastards. Week 9 started today but I'm in no rush to harvest after this I'd rather treat it in another 7 days and harvest in 2 more weeks. Should I remove the webs left over does anyone have any advice.
  16. Your supposed to take a brush and remove the webs. If you wait too long to harvest, all of your trichs may turn amber and you wont have that 50-50 mix your looking for. Since your basically ready to harvest anytime now, you may want to try the Liquid Ladybug, its supposed to be safe to use right up to harvest time. Its organic and just supposed to evaporate off the plant as it dries.
  17. Thanks beachbound the Doctor Doom says I can harvest after day 2 of applying the stuff , and today I will remove all the webs , I hate bugs I hate even touching them, but I will not let them have my babies I love them to much , this is war man. Anyone with any more suggestions please feel free, and thanks to everyone for the advice , I couldn't do this without my GC Community.

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