Spider Mites 3 weeks into flower

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  1. My first time growing and have 3 plants and only one in flower, the two still in Vegative Stage have got spider mites which has now spread to my one flowering. I have sprayed neem oil on two in Vegative Stage but not on the one in flower. Would it be safe to spray neem oil on the one in flower? It's not that bad on the one flowering neither on the Vegative ones. But I'm worried this may get worse!!!!
  2. Yes to Neem on flower. I like to rotate sprays so mites don't get immune.
    Spinosad or Neem.
  3. You don't really have a choice man... the alternative would be little to zero weed if infestation grows. Of course neem will affect yield but worth it. Whether considerably that's up to debate and on how much u use. If you're using it to the point where u block all pores then u can impede photosynthesis which means less growth, less yield. Have u tried just hosing them off or scrubbing them off with a sponge? I know they say u shouldn't wet buds but in week three youre fine. Just do it when it's hotter
  4. Don't spray the neem when it's hotter or in daylight. Was referring to the water
  5. And if it's all personal and u don't mind chemicals then look into avid. Everything else won't actually work to exterminate them 100%. It'll just control the population which is enough for me t be honest. Avid will annihilate them but u gotta spray the area too, wear a hazmat suit and full blown respirator. Not a cheap nurse mask. Just throwing the option out there. Heavily looked down upon in 2017 lol
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  6. Cheers guys looks like I'm using the neem oil but Will spraying the neem oil on buds make them smell and taste like it?
    As its lemon haze I don't wanna ruin it

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  7. Will they smell and taste like neem?

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  8. Depending on your environment you will prob have to spray every 5 days other see they'll just come back so yeah, itll affect taste u can also get a sponge and swipe the affected leaves
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    I have green lace wing larvae on my plants. I naturally have them and a ton. They do work but I wouldn't use that to treat infestation. Maybe after some neem applications or azamax which has stronger form if neem in it. U gotta remember that you still have to wait for them to plant eggs, then gotta wait for them to hatch. By then it could get ugly. Id use then after spraying some type of contact killer
  10. Okay cheers. I think I'd rather have smokeable buds smelling like neem than non at all to be honest.!!!!

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  11. There's other stuff too like mightwash. U don't gotta use neem.
  12. Really? . A single green lacewing adult can eat up 200 insects each week, for 2-3 weeks. I'd say that's perfect for an infestation... Last mite infestation i released about 15 adults into my light depo. They killed them off. Zero sprays. Just to be sure I released the western mites for a gay renter all natural combo.

    Azamax will kill them off after the first application and won't leave your buds smelling.

    Not a laughing matter, nor would I advise suggesting it.

  13. There are a ton of organic (omri approved) options to try before considering going nuclear. Just keep in mind that it could cost a pretty penny. I think that has to do with current market trends. They know that people are on the organic bandwagon right now so milking it. Or maybe they're just super expensive to make, who knows
  14. I live on the west coast next to fields where I'm guessing they were trained to become super mites lol. They gargle azamax like scope.

    And yes they lace wings work, its what I use, but if he has an infestation on it right now, it's best to spray with a contact killer and THEN release the hounds. I'm sure you will agree. If you can offset the poulation then do it cuz if the spider mite population is that high then it won't ever get rid of them.
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  15. The key with nature is to have a balance
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  16. You're right they can be pricey, but if you have the right environment and an actual infestation your only helping yourself in the long run.

    The natural predators set themselves up in your garden. Now you have on going defense, especially helpful late in flower. They get where the sprays can't, you can always miss a spot with the neem and bam, new infestation.

    The lacewings will eat non stop, FOR 2 WEEKS ! then reproduce more, so any chance of the mites returning in numbers to ruin your crop at the very end is slim to none.

    Combine this with the western mite and you'll never see the spider mites again.

    You can always find a cheap vendor for natural predators. It just takes some looking around, it's a one time purchase. A bottle of neem is what 9 dollars? Greenlacewinf larvae 1000 is 15. Western mites are very exspensice but very affective.
  17. I have a ton of natural predators. I don't take it for granted. Really thankful. Wasps, lacewings, ladybugs, piratebugs, loyal praying mantis bugs that have stayed on the same plant for months now, insane spiders, and predator soil mites eating fungus knat larvae and fly maggots. I haven't sprayed in 2 months apart from BT which I sprayed like a couple days ago now that I'm in flower. Everyone else that I know who grows indoor, uses that nasty stuff
  18. Found some ladybugs and put them on the plants they seem to be doing the job quite well. My garden attracts a lot of them and Im told spider mites are part of there diet, am I right to be doing this?? Got told this by a friend, it does appear to be working though.
    Still ordered neem oil just in case will take a week in mail though!!!!

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  19. If your spraying in week 3, your plants won't taste like neem when you harvest them, especially outdoors where it gets washed off occasionally with rain.
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