Spider mite webbing?? I really need some help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growmama, Mar 4, 2016.

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    This is the only leaf that has anything like this. I have thrips which I will be treating tomorrow.

    I was examining all leaves and I saw this webbing. Freaking out. Can I have thrips and spider mites ? This grow has been hard. Please help!
  2. I also looked at it under my microscope and didn't see any eggs or bugs in the webbing. Or anywhere on the leave.
  3. May just be a spider. I don't see any spider mite damage. You would notice the little bastards.

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  4. Looks more like a spider web than spider mites to me. You will usually see leaf damage well before webs with spider mites and I have never seen mite webs that thick in one area. Post a pic of the top of the affected leaf area. If there aren't a bunch of little white dots visible it's not spider mites.
    It is possible to get multiple pests at same time. Clean grow areas and healthy plants help a lot.
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  5. Thank you, Sade. I was thinking it could be just a regular spider because of the thrips. Who knows. I guess time will tell. I already have damage from those little thrips! Ugh!
  6. Not spider mites, just a spider lol. Have you treated for thrips yet? I have had them lots of times, they can get way out of control in no time
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  7. I do have leaves with white spots but there are thrips under those leaves and I assume it's from them. I'll have to just keep examining closer. I really hope I don't have spider mites.
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  8. What do you use on thrips gold?
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  9. Gold grower, I am going to get some stuff tomorrow for the thrips. Have to wait for the cash flow to buy it.
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  10. Thrip damage looks different than mites. Thrips leave squiggly white lines, mites are dots
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  11. That's a good question, deman. I would like to know as well. I heard neem oil works. Maybe I'll put out some yellow sticky traps and spray with an organic treatment.
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    Here are a couple of the leaves that look infected.
  13. I ended up with thrips a couple months ago in my early veg area thanks to infested clones from someone that should know better.
    I used DrDoom "Spider Mite Knockout" (label included thrips in pests killed) It worked as advertised. Active ingredients are pyrethrins 0.20% and piperonyl butoxide 0.80%

    First new pic is definitely thrips
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  14. I use Amblyseius cucumeris, it's a predatory mite that loves feeding on thrips. It doesn't eat the adults so can take a few weeks to eradicate them all. They aren't cheap, but so easy to dispense and I know there is nothing poisonous going on the plants. They cost £20 for 50,000 mites, which is peanuts compared to what my plants are worth to me so I don't mind spending it. This is where I buy them from but unless you're from the UK it won't be much use to you Thrips - how to control these plant pests
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    Here's one of my mites next to an adult thrips.


    You can see he wouldn't be able to eat him, but they will take on anything smaller and they can eat a ton of them in no time

    Here's a gang of them lol

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  16. Thank you very much for your reply. Bugs seriously freak me out and I need them out. I will try the Dr.Doom. Can I use it while in flower? I'm in week 3 of flower right now.
  17. Wow gold grower I never ever thought I would say this, but those little mites are so cute! Little monsters. I'll look into them! Thank you very much for your help.
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  18. Neem oil has worked great for spider mites for me, but thrips seem completely unaffected by it. Some people have had good results from spinosad, but here in the uk it's banned as a spray, most likely due to it harming honey bees
  19. The first photo shows thrips damage, but those big holes in the second is probably something else
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  20. Great pics gold and thx for the info. I'm in western Canada but at least I know what to search for next time. I rarely have pests anymore but I do fight powerdy mildew constantly.

    To the OP...
    Pest control really comes down to the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep grow areas meticulously clean and don't track pests into your grow area out of your yard or garden.
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