Spider Mite Problem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by wappawappa, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. What's going on everyone? With grow season in full stride my babies seem to have a small problem. Maybe some vets could chime in with some advice to handle these pesky little buggers.


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  2. To tell if they are mites you need to look at the underside of the leaf. I am about 95% sure that is not mite damage.
  3. Do you know what it.could be?

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  4. Grasshoppers maybe. Something is eating it. Earwigs. Not to sure.
  5. Thrips maybe? try taking a pic of the underside of the leaves
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  6. Spray with some neem oil! WHen they eat your leaves they will die.
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    Comprehansion failure.

    Sprayed a ton of mites with neem. Never seen it kill one. Seen it deter em from eating plants lots though.

    Only organic"ish" solution, that kills, ive found is mighty wash, and its still waiting omri cert.

    @ op, that is not mite damage, looknfor little green catapillers.
  8. Yes neem does not kill mites. I don't think it's worms yet. To early in the season. If it is worms hit them with BT ( it's a long Latin name) spray. That stuff will kill the worms. And that is a must during flower.
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    Nope sorry but it doesn't kill mites.

    It does....

    Suffocate the eggs.(when applied topicaly)

    Mess with the hormones of adults, causing reproduction issues.

    And stunts the growth of hatchlings, blocking reproduction.

    All of which are good and effective at keeping the little shits at bay( which is more then good enough outdoors with natures predators and population checks)...but it doesn't really kill em.

    EDIT: Yes I'll admit this is somewhat a splitting of hairs, but the facts are.

    Also get the neem into the plant systemically for best results.
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  10. All very good posts but no one has given me a finite answer, can I just buy a general organic pesticide and spray it on my plants with minimal damage?

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  11. Look for something with BT in it like Monterey garden insect spray, Captains Jacks Dead Bug Brew. I use the Captain Jacks and Pyrethrin concentrate. Pyrethrin concentrate mix kills bugs on contact and breaks down fast under sunlight. Always spray just before the sun goes down or a little bit before it comes up so your spray has a chance to dry before the temps start warming up. You don't want to burn your plants.
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    &quot;Caterpillar Clobber uses natural bacterial toxins to control destructive caterpillars. It contains 12% toxins of the Bacillus Thuringiensis bacteria, the highest concentration available. This easy-to-use liquid can be used up to the day of harvest for all fruits, vegetable and ornamentals. Doesn't harm beneficial insects.&quot;

    I do believe this is the BT they are talking about.. and yupp it looks like the same green worm damage I found along with the tiny green worm chowing down 2 days ago..


    <h1 class="it-ttl" id="itemTitle" itemprop="name">
    \tBonide Mite X Ready to use 32 oz controls mites, thrips &amp; aphids</h1>

    I've used this on the new clones entering my own yard as a preventative measure.. made from plant extracts.. smells like the home made garlic and peppers sprays I used in the round of organic gardening we did in the 80s.. and again it's rated up to day of harvest use..

    For grasshoppers I recommend this ..


    nailed one of them yesterday too..
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    Simple...get a better bug....praying mantis will eat everything...including eachother when all other food options are gone...cheap..100% effective and 100% all natural..

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  14. I got 2 sacs about 6 weeks ago and there is still nothing. I put them
    In my clone dome outside and still nothing. I am not sure what I did wrong.
  15. depending on your outdoor temps...under the dome you may have cooked'm....when in a dome putting the dome&tray on a seedling mat is perfect heat.....
  16. my cousin had a really bad infestation a few months ago. he used lady bugs and it worked quite well. but a month later, the infestation came back, and it was worse. he bought these midges (feltiella acarisuga) which completely eradicated the mites, and the best part is they have not been back since. i highly recommend the midges for anyone who has a big problem with mites.
  17. Well shit. I had them in the shade with the dome open. I guess I shall wait and see.
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    then they should be fine....you should see something within a week....
  19. I use Captain Jacks dead bug  and sometimes if i feel like it i mix it with neem gets them lil bastards gone

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