spider mite infestation

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  1. Hey guys :(

    Well I come home from vacation to find a huge mite infestation. It must have happened before I left and just missed it allowing it to run rampant for ten days.

    ALL the leaves have a bunch of white spoots on them. How bad is this infestation.? Am I fucked pretty bad? Never had them before and I hear they are a bitch.

    The shitty thing is that I've been vegging this plant for 8 weeks and its my only plant so I am fucking pissed.

    All I can do right now is spray it with soap and water and rinse with cold water cause im on a tight budget
  2. So first I used a soap and water mixture and sprayed the plant like a mofo under on top all over. Waited 20 mins did it again and then ten mins later sprayed with water. Decided that wasn't enough so I put it under my sink and sprayed all the undersides on the leaves with fast running water and I basically flushed it too. Today I made a organic recipe with baking soda, epsom salt, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar , and dish soap. I sprayed it twice over the course of 40 mins and then sprayed with water. I also sprayed the entire closet with the solution.

    Now I plucked 7 of the worst most infected leaves and I didn't see a single egg or mite. So ill do this for a while and hopefully those fuckers will be gone.

    Pray for my plant grassCity!!!!!!!!

  3. Dude don't spam myy damn thread. Im sure there are tons of products the same as that but im tryna do a homeade organic.

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  4. Maybe he is trying to help you, don't post a thread about a problem and expect no one to refer a product that might work. If you really wanna get rid of them I hear dr. Doom works miracles.
  5. with the organic mix you made, especially with the lemon juice add in, youll make it out fine
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    Dude I know I sounded like a dick but you probably missed it. You gotta look. :eek:

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    So na man ii apreciate anyone helping, but to spammers tryna get me to buy their product, go fuck yourself ;)
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    Thanks man I hope soo. Im gonna move the plant out of that closet in a week and apply that shit relentlessly. So no eggs that hatch will be able to produce more eggs. And I fucking noo how they got in there and to my actions... *facepalm*

    I just flipped the switch 2 days ago. You thinkk I should put a hold on flowering till I know the problem is takin care of? Cause I heard u shouldn't apply the water spraying after two weekks of flower
  8. Alrite i see it now, my bad but I hope you get rid of them little fuckers
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    Mix bleach+windex/ammonia in a spray bottle and shake =) best mite killer ever

    Seriously tho, dust with baking soda and spray with vinegar. It kills them and the eggs, and also the extra CO2 couldn't hurt =)

  10. I dunno bleach seems kinda harsh

    But by dust you mean literally shake some baking soda on the plant. And if I sprayed with vinegar the shit would bubble right? Wouldn't that fuck up the leaves.

    Also guys, I've been blowing the fan on them real hard after spraying them tryna get some eggs to fall. Is this pointless if the eggs are falling in the soil?
  11. Well if you spray your solution directly into the nug or the nug-to be then you might get some mold issue, but that is when you are more than midway and have defined nugs... I solved my spider mite problem by spraying h20, a full lemonsworth of juice, a tidly bit of molasses(I think that mix can go without the molasses) and a drop of antibacterial hand soap(something cheap like equate for hands{i dont endorse brands}).I sprayed the underside of the leaves almost every time my lights went on. If you want to really get into it, use a small sponge and simply dab all of the leaves. You can also 'vacuum' the nugs and the leaves if you need to feel better about your actions against the mites. Remember that the outside environment and the indoor environment still clash when you go into your room with dirty clothes or even have too much humidity or too less.

    But if you want more information look into the sick and dying plants section and look at the spidermite section. If you cant afford neemoil and want to go organic(with the exception of the drop of hand soap), then improvise in your homemade insecticide.

    also, go out and hunt some lady bugs, natural enemy of the spider mite :)
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    thanks for the dope reply man.

    yeah i think im gonna do the spray everyday. im just worried about overwatering and shit. i was thinking about the vacuum idea but i dont have anything that i could switch to less suction power and i think the regular vacuum it is way to strong. so i have fans blowing highspeed on it for half hour - hour. i am also pressing the leaves trying to squish all the eggs haha.

    i also tried to find one or two ladys to no avail

    but did your mites ever come back. i think i might move the plant to a dif room to be extra cautious.

    heres what the plant looked like when i got home from vac.

    here it is today

    this plants goooottttaaaaa liiiivvvveeee.
  13. The mites did not come back for my plants, but I had my homemade spray in hand and sometimes gave them a spray just in case. But hey your plants are looking good already!! just watch it on the feeding schedule. Another thing you can do-if you did not do it already- is to cover the soil with gravel, rocks, or perlite(has to be rock form) so the mites will not bury into the soil. good luck and keep watch, do not let negligence destroy your crop.
  14. get some neem dude. i know you said you only want to use home made remidies, but neem is cheap and it works great. the tall grasses and my lawn right outside my backdoor is infested with mites - but i have been using a neem product ever since i started and im spider mite free! it kills alot of other bugs, too. not saying you have any, but its always good to stay dilligent :)
  15. Well I tried the vacuum on one of the leafs and it didn't get pullled off. But before I continue does anyone have any expierience with this? Will it stress the plant greatly?

    I already. Think its been stressed pretty bad from being sprayed with water and the mixture and the mites themselves. I don't want it to get stressed into being a male (hasn't showed sex yet)
  16. oh, and personally, i dont like to run the fan for a little bit after i spray. some people are against it and run it immediatley, but i want everything i spray on the leaves to get absorbed in there instead of transpiring off. i really dont spray too often - once every week or two. however, i am mite free.

    ive never vaccumed my stuff, lol. lemon juice and vinegar are acids so be careful.
  17. I have been spraying, waiting 20 mins then rinsing with water. Then blowing the fan for a little bit. Then re spraying with a lil more water to keep it moist. Then i put it back and leave it alone.

    Yeah I nooticed I bit more browning and yellowing. Its either the mites or the spray so I might stop using that and just soap n water. N im gonna need something to lower the ph cause of course it will be fucked.

    I also plucked a leaf with an egg on it and vacuumed it. Well it didn't come off so im not gonna bother.

    Its really saddening to see a few of the fucking eggs on the leafs but I still haven't seen any mites since treatment.
  18. Yea i dont rinse with water after i spray, either. The last day i spray is day 14 of flowering. I never spray with just water (only the roof of a clone dome). Make sure you keep your dehumidifier running on high! After spraying all that ( on top of summer's humidity and things in the air) the last thing you need is some type of strange mold!

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