spider mite and bud drying helllppp

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fawohodie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. i have some bud that is drying and today i noticed that there is a spider mite infestation. what should i do? should i leave it to get bone dry so they'll leave?
  2. bump. anyone ???
  3. I would just continue to let the bud dry out. The mites won't have any interest in a plant that is drying out and has no sap and will eventually go away. I would be very careful not allow them to get carried into your grow area via tool, pots, shoes, etc. Make sure everything is sterilized once they are gone.
  4. Personally, i throw out infected buds. However, if you do let them dry out, they should go away or find a new source....
  5. Get a No-Pest strip for your grow area. I tried everything else listed on the forums first. Last thing I tried was the no-pest strip and it worked like a charm.
  6. Ive hear some talk about water curing mayb this will help you.....
  7. you should definitely clean the hell outta your room/spot before doing any more cycle(s) in said area. I would look at mopping the floor, walls, sanitizing any trays, tables, etc, w/ a water+bleach combo

    just my .02

    otherwise you risk the same thing next cycle
  8. well i would need loads of water to clean my grow room beacuse i grow outdoors!!!!! but everything went fine after they hung up and dried as the spider mites travelled to top part of the bud so it was easy to clean them with a napkin, plus once i destroyed their web with the napkin they seemed to vanish after a day or two
  9. wiping away webs doesn't kill the eggs that are present anywhere. but if you got 'em outta there, that's good.

    i dont do outdoor, so i don't really know whats up w/ outdoor pest mgmt (reactive or proactive)
  10. just in regards to the aforementioned bleach + water combo (said to be a 1 tbsp. per gallon of 95F water)... i use 5 mL/L and that is 1 mL/L more than 1 tbsp/gal... anyway enough with the numbers, i sprayed my whole grow room down and my plants, and it didn't do much. i sprayed last night and went in again this morning, and the problem was WORSE than last night. i'm waiting for my neem oil to come in the mail, then i'm using a combination of alternating sprays of neem oil mix, bleach + water mix, and last but not least Safer's EndAll 2.

    I'LL KILL EM ALL EVERY LAST ONE I SWEAR!!! god they are a PITA, i've been battling them for months but i keep slipping and they build right back up in no time.

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