Spider just dropped down in front of me while I was sitting here

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    This just happened 10 seconds ago. Im sitting here chillin on the city and all of the sudden, this fucking SPIDER appears in between me and the computer screen. I immediately flip out and fall back in my chair. In utter anger, I'm watching this little fucker as it keeps going lower on his little fucking web attatched to my ceiling. I work up the courage to crush the insignificant arachnoid, yell "BOOM MOTHA FUCKA" and smash it between my two hands. I am satisfied.

    mother fucking intruders don't know whose house they in.

  2. me and a couple of friends were chillin and tokin on my friend's back porch when a spider dropped from the bottom of the deck above us and hovered from its web in between me and my friend..

    That thing could have landed on my head or his head if it had been about a foot to the left or right.

    I was high, so it was pretty crazy.
  3. It was probably interested in your face.
  4. hahah spiders just suck. They're so creepy ahhhhh. And being high intensifies their grossness by ten.
  5. One night I was laying in bed on my laptop when a fucking inch long grey spider with a huge ass started running at me out of the dark. Holy fuck did that scare the shit out of me. Try getting to sleep after that.

    I have no problem with spiders, I use to smoke in a shed that was full of them. I just don't like shit popping out at me.
  6. Me and some friends were in my truck ordering food at the mcdonads drive-thru and my friend yells SPIDERRR and runs outta my truck for like a mile and then i feel something on my forhead and it was a big ass spider so i scream and hit my head into the window. Then I started thinkin whoever is in the car behind us probly thinks were cracked out and it was a cop ofcourse. He got out of the car and thought we were drunk but he ended up letting us go....pretty scary though
  7. no need to be a literal lily.

  8. hahahahahahahaha edit: 800th post!
  9. that once happened to me, except it was a giant ass mosquito and i whiped out my airsoft pistol and capped a bitch
  10. Couple weekends ago I woke up at my buddies after crashing there for the night. I walk out and feel my pocket and notice my keys aren't on me - I walk back in and move the blanket I used and a huge spider (I kid you not, size of a fucking coaster) crawls out and moves to the front of the couch. I was just like, "oh, that's fuckin nice. I slept with that beast".

    The end.
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  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH your the funniest motha fucker out there, i was laughing the whole time i was reading this, the story and your writing style match. hahah maybe im just stooonnnneeedddd.... haha
  13. this was one of the funniest thread i have read in weeks.

    you know why it was so funny? same shit happens to me all the time!


    Im a man and i admit, spiders scare the shit out of me haha
  14. I hate spiders and stinkbugs. When I'm high its just worse.
  15. Fuck bugs. +Rep for fighting the good fight.

    PS - Spiders aren't so bad compared to scorpions. They blend in with the carpet and those stings hurt like a motherfucker!
  16. im not really a fan of spiders but about 20 minutes ago i noticed one of the tiny spiders that are like .... <-- that big and move really fast, chillin on the bar stool next to me.
    so i watched him for a minute... then i leaned the stool against the wall and at first he stayed on the bar stool. lol.
    then he crawled onto the wall, hung out for a minute and disappeared behind my computer.

    then i see him on the wall again and he disappeared, again.
    and now hes just chillin on the cord to my computer screen. hes been there for about 10 minutes atleast lol.
    i dont mind, hes not doing anything to me.

    it made me think of this post and it took me damn near forever to find it.

    and that spider still hasnt moved lol.
  17. just found another spider in my room, and it was fucking massive. And when I say massive, I mean like 5 inches in length. It was spinning a web IN MY ROOM. Bitch thinks it's his territory or something.

    not happenin. :smoke:
  18. lmao I looked up at my ceiling after reading that, couldn't resist.

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