Spider hi?

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  1. So im takin hits out of my bong here and i just noticed the huge spiderweb outside my window, this spider is so freakin huge it scared the shit out of me for a sec, but i have a screen so i went to look at it, so i'm baked out of my mind and i start blowin the smoke out the window like i always do and its like right into the spider not movin much, could i be gettins this spider stoned? if so i wanna name it...or kill it..its freaky. i'm way baked so bare with me :rolleyes:
  2. Kill that bastard before he tries taking over.
  3. ....Why the FUCK would you kill a spider? You gotta be an asshole to kill something that's no danger to you, helps you, and is cool as fuck.

  4. I think that means you should see a psychiatrist.
  5. I hate spiders in the house but never kill em, always have to let them go outside.
  6. I am an asshole, and fuck spiders.
  7. Yeah, fuck spiders. And cockroaches. Cockroaches are very abundant in my area, we call 'em Palmetto Bugs, and they are MASSIVE. They are killed on sight.
  8. Dude, i would fucking have someone else kill it....

    Spiders are not my friend... I don't trust anything with more than 4 legs. Scary shit.
  9. i used to have a pet black widow in a cage for about 2 years, i got that thing high all the time. They sorta get temporarily paralyzed and wont move for anything.
  10. Out of the many times im moved one house still gives me shivers thinking about it. I had a room in the basement and it was completely run by brown reculse spiders. I woke up one night to find 3 on my wall about 4 feet from my head so i went to get up and sleep somewhere else there were about 5 on the floor. Other times i would be sitting and my room and just see them creeping around my room. One day i counted 22 spiders in about a 4hr period. I probably slept in my room about 8days of living there 2 years....

  11. fuck....that
  12. That's not cool dudes .. Don't kill the spider ! What has it done to you ?? They're awesome little creatures. They eat other bugs and shit for you .. Make these fucking sexy web patterns. Are of little to no harm to you. Don't kill it man , that's horrible.

  13. above everything else cockroaches scare the shit out of me. they make me scream like a little girl, i had to punch someone cuz they threw one on me once... *twitch*
  14. spiders are creepy as fuck. but as long as it is on the other side of the screen just let it live ha. they are sick to watch eat bugs.
  15. name it cham, smoke it out, and if someone trys to break in your house through your window, it will reward you.

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