Spider found in woman's ear...

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  1. Hey spider lovers (actually, spider haters):

    Doctors remove spider hiding in woman

    Hoooo shit... I mean, it wouldn't be any different to me than having any other kind of bug in my ear (I'm not phobic of bugs), but this is just nutty.

    I'm sure some people would bash their own head in if they found out there was a spider in their ear for 5 days! Muahaha!

    But in good news, the woman is OK. The spider is probably not, however, and was probably squished soon after it was discovered.

    Poor spider. Just trying to make a living! And her ear just had to have been there!

  2. Feeling a little grossed out for the spider to :p I think the brustling sounds of the spider on the hairs in your ears would wig me out equally to the itching lol, I wear ear plugs when I sleep, soooo one less thing I have to worry about... I guess.
  3. Wait until she deals with the hatch lings the brood mother laid into the bed of her ear before her death. :devious:
  4. Isn't there a similar problem with geckos? I remember reading something a long time ago that sometimes geckos can crawl into your ear and lay eggs. Come to think of it is sounds rather improbable due to the fact geckos are pretty big unless they're babies. Can baby geckos lay eggs? :confused:
  5. I don't know...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkmRTjfFZ3w]Zoidberg woop woop woop - YouTube[/ame]

    LOL at the ink shot at Farnsworth and the "woop woop woop!"!
  6. Insects in my ear, that's that shit I don't like.

  7. lol in my opinion, Dr. Zoidberg makes the show. He's one of the funniest characters, and I always look forward to his moments :D
  8. Its like an evil Jimminy Cricket

  9. ahh what the fuck man
  10. In my favorite order:

    Fry - because he's just so stupid it's hysterical
    Zoidberg - because it's Zoidberg
    Bender - a robot that hates humans who acts the most human

    This thread should be a Futurama appreciation thread.
  11. Id fuck Amy Wong [​IMG]
  12. the professor is fucking hilarious. especially in season 6.

    Scruffy is just damn hilarious.

    Fry is awesome for his stupidity.
  13. Love Scruffy
  14. Forgot about Amy Wong!

    Hey, did you guys see the episode (recently) when Leela and Amy were Juicin', and they had to kick and shit! Ahhaa. They're handcuffed to their beds sweating it out and Scruffy comes by with a mop and mops off the sweat on both of them, puts the mop juice in the mop bucket, and Amy Wong drinks it.

    Haha, shit is so funny.
  15. fuck you op:p:cool:
  16. Haha. cwhatididthere?
  17. that was easily the best episode this season.
  18. "The Butterjunk Effect".

    Hey, I've always wanted to send a (little stupid) idea to the creators of the show. You know how when the intro starts (with the song, credits, etc), there's always a funny line at the bottom?

    Well, I want them to not put anything there (at the bottom of the screen) for a few seconds and once people start thinking, "Where's that funny line of the day?", it would just come out of nowhere and say, "What are you looking at?"

    Or skip the whole time delay and just put "What are you looking at"?

  19. Off topic, but I listened to your stuff on YT, OP
    you got a powerful voice bro keep up the good music :metal:

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