Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro LEDs

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  1. Spider Farmer lights and Mars Hydro LED Lights seem to provide very similar light with virtually identical pricing. I am looking at the Spider FS1000 and the Mars TS 1000 priced identically. I have a 3 ft x 3 ft grow area and want a light appropriate for veg and flower. I am a non-commercial grower so being just slightly short of ideal light for a full 3 ft x 3 ft flower is not an issue for me. The reduced power consumption and reduced heat are a big plus. Is anyone familiar with either of these lights or these brands I would love to hear any evaluations or comments. Thanks.
  2. What's your region?

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  3. So CAL
  4. I use 2 Mars Hydro Reflector 96 series...........they do what I need them to......:love-m3j:
  5. Pulled away from purple lighting along time ago. I’d still use it till I had 4 nodes but don’t.
  6. You would need one of the 2000 series or two of the 1000 series of both lights

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  7. I am looking into these for the future too. Is a Spider Farmer sf 2000 enough for a 4x4 with a yield target of 1.5 to 2lbs ?

    I also found these pre assembled QBs which seem decent for the price and the fact that they are plug and play(no way I wanne play around with DIY :) )

    Amazon.com: Customer reviews: 480w Samsung LM301H Dimmable LED Grow Light White Mix RED660NM led Board for 44ft Grow Area (lm301H 3500k +Red)

    the guy says he has 3 setups, including one for veg and bloom which is what I would want. I could use the viparspectra for veg and get one of these specific for Bloom if that is so much better for the yield? Im no expert on this so help/info much appreciated.

    quote "
    • 1. lm301h 3000k + RED (suitable for flowering stage ) 2. lm301h 3500k + RED (suitable for vegging to flowering) 3. lm301h 4000k + RED (suitable for vegging stage)
    • Samsung lm301h diodes + Meanwell HLG driver
    • Input volts: 100~277VAC ( WITH DIMMER)
    • ship out about 5 working days
  8. This Amazon listing though. Proof the diodes are legit and being sourced from an authorised Samsung agent would be nice.

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  9. Zet66,
    $260 on AmazonI plan of getting a Mars Hydro TSW2000W, $260 on Amazon, free shipping. I am no expert but see a few things that look (?) a little better than the Spider Farms unit: The light is square which is better for my 3' x 3' (square growing area), It has a short hood that comes down 3" (less light directly in my eyes), 684 LEDs (Spider is 606 LEDs.. All other elements appear to be equal
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  10. Zet66,
    I actually decided not to send the previous post when I noticed you were favoring the other light. That one may be better for your 4'x4' grow area as it has more juice. I think I closed it out which sent it when I assumed it would just disappear. Oh well...
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    I have the tsw2000 for my 3x3 it looks pretty impressive havent used it yet tho, and I'm currently running the sp250 with a meanwell driver in my 2x4, loving the results thus far 20191214_193752.jpg 20191214_193742.jpg 20191029_170305.jpg

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  12. Kronik,
    You happy with the buds your Mars Hydro 96 lights produce? What is the size of your grow area?
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys. So I guess the Spider farmers are not bad and use legit samsung diods. They are coated for water resistance which someone on the reviews said might decrease efficiency. I dont think its that big a deal though. The pre assembled QB for 350 seems to be the best deal though. The Spider farmer with comparable watts is like 550
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    Your plants look great but I am most interested in how the lights work in bloom. I assume that TSW2000 will work far better in that regard. Also how fo you like your SOG screen? My grow area is the same size and I stopped using a very similar arrangement in favor of small individual; screens for each plant. Because my area is also enclosed, with one big screen (in a shed, not a tent), I couldn't trim the plants, especially the ones in the back. It works for you OK?
  15. So I looked more into it and it seems like the Mars Hydro uses SMD diodes and the Spider Farmer LM301B. The newest ones from Samsung are LM301H. The prebuid QB on Amazon are also available with the new ones. If I have cash before my next run I will get those preasembled QB with LM301H in 480W for my new 4x4. Should yield over 2lbs if all goes well.
  16. The light you included In the link is cheap because it’s built on a small heatsink. The par is less than half on the perimeter of a 4x4. The HLG600 is the best premise light for a 4x4. The Spiderfarmer is unproven but another Chinese light with a smaller footprint. It is affordable so it’s popular, but I haven’t seen a harvest yet

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  17. Shouldnt this be the ultimate 4x4 light then? With latest Samsung diodes?


    Also dimmable!
  18. That’s the one. It’s cheaper because it has a smaller heatsink. Look at the par map, it’s weak around the edges and hot in the middle. 600 watts of Samsung LM301b or h is perfect for a 4x4. But even coverage is also important.

    The price is very cheap, you can always supplement the perimeter if you find the buds larfy. Or get two and run them dimmed. That’s where these boards really shine. I may go back to them but this was 12- qb120’s over a 4x4, dimmed to 600 watts total (800 watts available)


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  19. Oh man this stuff is so complicated. Thanks for the great info though.
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