Spider farmer se5000 hanging recommendations

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  1. So I just got a new spider farmer se5000 and it seems a lot brighter than my other 450 watt one. So I’m confused as to why the hanging recommendation’s in the manual say to keep it 6-12” from the top of the canopy. This seems wrong. Maybe cause it’s a bar light and they are spread out more doesn’t get as hot and you can put it closer? Would like to confirm with anyone that might use any of spider farmers SE series. Thanks
  2. More even coverage. Was your last light a board or a bar light? Boards are clustered in the middle making a hotter center, the bars help keep things more uniform allowing ceiling to be lower
  3. Yea was a board one and yea that’s why I got this is cause I barely ever have plants right in the middle always four one each corner so was wasting a good portion in the middle. Should help quite a bit with yield. It’s just that 6 inches seems way to close I wouldn’t feel comfortable being any closer than 10-12. I got it at 15 inch now. If anyone has done their own testing with this light please let me know where I should be at for a comfortable 900ish ppfd
  4. So I found this on YouTube. Exactly what I needed lol. So yea looks like I’ll be keeping it at around 12 Inches. Just hope that’s not guna raise leaf temp to much.

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  5. leave a temp gauge at top most leaf height and raise or lower to suit 77f/25c after 15mins
    I then have a string taped to the light as a height indicator
    I also have my babe(Migrow 8) on counterweights and pulleys to raise and lower my light with ease

    good luck

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