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    I was bitten 6 days ago while I was at my beach house in San Diego, I believe it was a Brown Recluse spider. When I called the hospital (because these bites can be bad) I was told to put heat on it using a wet washcloth, then when I got back to Tucson my doctor said heat was bad. Now after six days it looks like this. I saw pictures where after 3 days there were gaping wounds and what not. Anyone ever been bitten by a BRS or know anyway to treat their bite?

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  2. all i know is that bits from brown recluse spiders are very rare.

    In 2001, more than 2,000 brown recluse spiders were removed from a heavily infested home in Kansas, yet the four residents who had lived there for years were never harmed by the spiders, despite many encounters with them.

    wish i could be more helpful. sorry :)
  3. I have never been bitten myself, but mom mother was... The bite after 6 days was quite worse than what you have going on there... but that could be due to the unique spider, not species of spider.... How you treat it outside of medical attention... i wouldnt even know where to begin...

    It does look like your skin is undergoing necrosis.... which is usually a clear sign you got some nasty venom inside of you, but it seems pretty small.... My mom had a good sized hole in her leg where it bit her, looked just like yours, only larger, and much more pus filled... From what i understand, with recluse bites, if they are bad, within an hour or so the area should have swelled larger than a quarter, and within 3 days is usually a completely dead area of the body thats essentially rotting off of you.....

    If you think your in danger, go to a doctor.... no questions asked lol.... but how do you feel in terms of a sickness... are you vomiting? Nauseous? Fever? Or are you happy and dandy with a painful bite.... lol usually when its bad you get a lot more shit going on that just the bite.... but yea, dont take mine or anyones word for it, if you think your in danger, get to a doctor asap man
  4. My brother is a Dr. I just showed him the picture, he said its probably a bite from a brown recluse. He says that he usually sees 1 to 2 of these a year in his patients. Also - Be happy, he said your bite is "Nothin" cause he's seen wayyyyy worse.

  5. Yea.... when my mom was bitten, we lived in a non infested house.... a few years later we moved... and i kept telling my parents i was seeing what looked like recluses in the basement... it got to the point where i captured one in a jar to prove to them i wasnt just seeing similar spiders.... what was it... a recluse of course... had a crew of "spider removers" i will call them, come check it out... in my window sill alone they found over 75 of them... in the storage room in the basement, they found 100's of them.... yet no one was bitten in that house... They didnt even do much to get rid of them, spider bombed a few rooms... but they pretty much said they arent gonna leave, and they will probably never become an issue... hence the name recluse lol, they are reclusive as fuck
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    Yeah that's what I was sayin, I saw a bunch where gross stuff happened in less than 4 days so I was hoping I wassorta safe
  7. I got bit by a BRS, not once, but twice. At least that's what the doctors said. If it was a BRS, it didn't get much venom in you at all, compared to how mine looked. I had venom lines emanating from my bites. The first one was bad, my arm was swollen a LOT more than my other arm. I kind of just "let it go" to run it's course, well by the time I made it to the ER, they had to cut a hole in my skin so they could drain all the shit. With all the cavities of venom and puss, the pain killer they shot in my arm wouldn't take. So I had to sit there and watch and feel as they cut into my arm. Once the hole was open, you could see lil caverns eaten away, it was fucking gross..

    Anyway, as for your bite, I'd say whatever got you is already done doing the damage. If the sore spreads, I would go see a doctor, but for now, some neo and a bandaid should be fine. As was said, if you feel sick or in danger, go to a doctor now.. If it isn't done and you blow it off like I did, you'll end up in the ER feeling every knife cut.
  8. Man go to a doctor for sure. When I was in the bahamas I was talking to a guy whose son was biten by one. It looked like that at first but it will keep getting bigger and bigger if untreated. Basicly it will open a big hole. GO TO THE FUCKIN DOCTOR DUDE!!!
  9. Just looked up Brown Recluse Spider. How the FUCK did that thing get even remotely close to you!? It looks fucking HUGE.
  10. Did that spider bite you on the boob??
  11. Typically brown recluse spider bites need to be cut out by doctor.
  12. I think you might have been bitten by a Wolf Spider, their much larger and they like to get inside houses and wonder all over the place. I have seen some of their bites and have a simalar effect with the tissue dying around the bite. They are more aggressive then their recluse cousins and are more on the go and more likley to crawl on you at night. They kinda look like a small trantula because they can get big but with short hair.
  13. And run around for a looooong time while engulfed in flames.. I pitted a wolf spider up against my scorpion. Scorpion won of course, but it was a nice battle. He ate the legs and body like they were nothing but took him 3 days to get through the ass end of it, never seen him put it down either. Like his trophy..
  14. I would get it checked out before your arm rots off and your forced to vape forever.

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  16. Day 8, going to the doctor. And its my elbow not fucking boobs

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  17. Lol ok. At least it's not that. But tell me it isn't the arm/hand that you masturbate with...:confused:
  18. That does not look good... I'd go like right this second if I were you.
  19. Damn that looks like its already spread a fair way up your arm.
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