Spicey Nacho Doritos = GOAT

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Spicey Nacho Doritos = Greatest Of All Time when it comes to chips
  2. I like Doritos, but I really don't like anything spicy.
  3. Cape Cod sea salt & vinegar kettle cooked chips.... AMAZING
  4. If you're looking for an amazing Nacho sort of chip, then hell yes, Spicy Nacho Doritos are the best thing you can find.

    If, however, you're looking for a good potato chip, fuck lays, fuck ruffles, Cape Cod potato chips are king.
  5. Hell yes dude, spicy nacho and blazin' buffalo ranch are teh LEET
  6. I used to fuckin' love those Black Pepper Jack Doritos or whatever they were called ... those were the BEST chips ever but they stopped making em:mad::mad::mad:
  7. nachos rule.... no doubt,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] :cool:
  8. I like them 'taco' flavor, Shits bangin.

  9. QFT. Cape Cod makes AMAZING chips. Kettle cooked are great. I've also had their Jalapeno Cheddar Kettle Cooked chips. They were really good.
  10. The new flavor-Smokin Cheddar BBQ...now that shit is GOAT.
  11. no doubt,,, i started to mention the taco,,, flavor,

    but shit 99% of the time i go in a convience store her e in fla. no taco flavor,,, but it is the bomb...

    good mention k.s.r.>>>>>>>>>>>.:cool:
  12. i fuck with the OG nacho cheese doritos

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