Spice Diamond - How I Ended Up in A&E

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    I'd just like to firstly point out that I have been using spice gold / diamond for at least 3 months now and have grown up a fairly good resistance. Although on Saturday night, after sparking up one of my usual J's (little bit bigger than usual to be fair), I was having a great buzz...

    Until my heart starting pulsating rapidly, then faster, and once more even faster, I couldn't breath, nor stand up. My heart beat was extremely fast, I'm talking 3 - 4 beats a second from what I remember. I was taken to the hospital (A&E) straight away.

    My heart was then hooked up and monitored, while doctors where injecting me with a drug, that is meant to slow my heart beat down. I then had a blood test and xray, although the results were sent of to London (UK), they could not identify the substance and I quote " The substance was found to be 5 times stronger than cannabis).

    I had turned round only to see my heart beat was peaking 160 BPM, which is pretty damn scary, considering 70 to 80 is standard for an adult male. My legs were uncontrolably shaking, though my this point I was in such a state of shock, I asked where I could be put out for a while, although I wasn't allowed.

    After 3 hours of agony and fright, my BPM was at 120 - 130, and I could clearly tell the doctors were worried by this time, just from the look on thier face, staring at the monitor. I was told I might need to be put out and then have be "shocked" so that my heart beat would go back to normal, as my heart beat was inregular and seemed to be causing attention from other staff.

    Around about 5 hours after, I was injected once again and thankfully my BPM went down to 100 - 110 and the doctors decided to let me "sweat it out", so it would seem, though I was greatfull, I am not sure what kind of drastic measures they might have taken if my BPM didn't drop!

    I had no sleep at all, and after a hellish night, with an old man talking to himself all night (in the ward next to mine), I felt much better in the morning, although I could still feel my heart had been straigned.

    This happend last night, and I am still feeling a little weak right now.


    The expierience has put me off for life now, I never want to go through the same exp. again.

    Best bet, is to stay away from this stuff (I have no alergies or medical history), if it had this effect on me I am sure others could suffer the same!
  2. Are you in England?

    If so I'm surprised they got to treating you so quickly, with the fucked up NHS and all. I sat in an English hospital for 2 hours once, the whole time I could have died at any moment, until the doctors finally got round to transporting me into another room. Of course, I had to wait another half hour until anyone showed up..... I could have died at any moment.

  3. At least you didnt have to pay for it;)
  4. Yes I live in the U.K - England. I have heard bad stories regarding the NHS, although I must admit, they did a very good job, considering they didn't know why or what this drug was doing to me.
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    ya when my homey got shot we all got interviewed on The First 48...lol
  6. dont smoke spice in general :/

    try some good ol weed
  7. if you dont mind me asking

    what is spice?

    ive never heard of it in my life
  8. your not suposed to smoke spice in joints.
  9. oh shit, i think spice was just recently banned from the states. damn and i never had a chance to smoke it either.
  10. its an alergic reaction i think, friend of mine got somethin similar(posted that somewhere else before) yours was just a hell of alot worse than is to be expected
    ive always smoked spice in joints never anythin gone wrong with it

  11. This seems like what caused your problem.

    A friend of mine had a story pretty similar to yours.

    You said you rolled a fatter J than normal, since it's bad already to smoke that shit in a Jay, putting more than you normally would wouldn't really turn out for the best. Why it's bad? Too many rips too fast, my friend of did EXACTLY what you did and had his heart rate go up, felt like a million pounds, etc. He told me he just jumped in the bathtub and he started to relax and his heart rate started climbing down.

    Any successful story i've heard of spice was used in a glass piece or in a small decent jay.
  12. Spice is the shit if you're looking to take a break from weed for a while for variety or to lower your tolerance. Its powerful shit though.
  13. what the fuck, i sometimes smoke spice diamond. It effects your body much more than weed, I get fucking bad hangovers from this shit.
  14. i always smoke it in joijts never had nothin bad happen to me
  15. i smoked 400mgs of spice gold last year and it fucked me. like weed but nothing was really all that much fun. i couldnt walk well, and eating was horrible. i woke up the next day and felt like a zombie the entire day!

    fuck spice

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